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2021 has brought TV viewers a lot of heartbreak. Arrowverse fans suffered a setback earlier this year when The CW announced that it had canceled its plans for Green Arrow and the Canaries, a spinoff of The CW. A backdoor Canaries pilot episode was taken from Arrow’s last season. It looked like it might be picked up for a series, but the network waited a full year to confirm the project’s demise. Because the spinoff’s storyline takes place in the future, it might be harder to bring the newest Green Arrow, Katherine McNamara’s Mia Smoak, back into the Arrowverse, but could it happen? McNamara has ideas.

Even though there’s no longer an Arrow at the head of The CW’s superhero universe, the franchise spans across multiple shows that could feasibly find storytelling devices to bring Mia Smoak back easily enough. Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and other shows, allow characters to return at will. With Katherine McNamara’s Mia Smoak as the Green Arrow during her timeline, and Earth-Prime without a Green Arrow in the interim, the actress opened up to Collider about potentially returning to the Arrowverse, as well as how she would feel if given the chance to put the suit back on:

The Arrowverse is what it has been and I don’t know what the future plans are. However, I would love to have the opportunity to go back and play again. There are so much to love at WB and The CW as well as the entire Berlanti community. I love working there and, if they ever need me back, I’m happy to go shoot arrows again.

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The main storyline of the “Green Arrow and the Canaries” backdoor pilot was never give a chance to be resolved, with Mia’s superhero journey only just beginning, it’s not surprising that McNamara would want to return to the Arrowverse, even if only for a short-term appearance. Even though Arrow ended over a year ago some elements are still being explored by Arrowverse shows. David Ramsey has been making crossovers as John Diggle, but not Diggle, and even directing episodes. Meanwhile, The Flash showrunner has revealed that he wants to bring Echo Kellum’s Curtis Holt, a.k.a. Mr. Terrific, to Central City. It’s nice that while Arrow is done, we’re still seeing characters show up in other series so their stories can continue, while also keeping Oliver’s memory alive.

Let’s just hope the Arrowverse’s multi-headed creative groups can find a storyline that Katherine McNamara would enjoy and make it possible for Mia to return to the present. Or to figure out a way to send the Legends on a mission that takes place in Mia’s time? It would be fascinating to see Star City in the future and to learn what happened after William was taken.

While we wait to see if Mia Smoak, and other long-gone characters, make sure to keep tabs on all the major shows in primetime and beyond during 2021’s Summer TV season. People who are hoping to see Katherine McNamara again soon will be in luck. She’ll be appearing in a few new features in the future, including Agent Game opposite Mel Gibson and El Tonto opposite Jason Sudeikis.

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