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Western films have long been beloved for their distinct style, gunfights, and renegade heroes. The genre, although borrowed throughout the world, is uniquely American and plays on themes of fearless exploration, the mythos of American expansion, hostile elements, and rugged individualism. Western archetypes have also transcended other genres: “Star Wars” is widely considered a space western, with characters like Boba Fett and Han Solo based on Western themes.

But for every classic, there’s a bomb—and for every movie that stands the test of time, 100 more quickly go stale or lose relevancy. Westerns are no exception, no matter if they feature a star-studded cast or robust funding. Some that were classics in the ’50s and ’60s now feel trite or silly; others were flops right out of the gates, to a heartbreaking-if-sometimes-hilarious degree.

Stacker curated a list of the worst Westerns of all time by looking at Western films with more than 2,000 votes on IMDb and Metacritic, weighting IMDb user ratings and Metascores evenly to create a Stacker score, and ranking accordingly. The #1 spot represents the worst-rated Western that qualifies.

Keep reading to see which Westerns fell short for today’s critics and audiences.

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