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You can apparently cheat your way to being closer in the queue when you buy tickets with Ticketmaster, according to a TikToker that shared a video of herself explaining how it worked to her coworkers. Everyone seems completely baffled by her discovery.

If you buy a ton of tickets to concerts, this information might be important to you. Check out the crazy hack below and learn these innocent hacking skills before Ticketmaster catches on and does something about it!

I typically buy all of my tickets from Ralph’s Records, or from the venue’s website, so I won’t likely be using this hack, but I know a lot of our radio listeners might find this tidbit of info pretty valuable.

Other people that commented on the video claim that it does actually work:

“IVE ALWAYS SAID THIS!!! i always refresh around 10 seconds before the queue opens and i’ve gotten 1st in line 2 times” – lorena<3

“GIRL I’ve been doing this and I’ve kept it a secret. I always got the best seat, you can delete it now” – Roseanna R.

“i did this for olivia rodrigo and had 14 people in front of me it WORKS” – laurel

“i did this for harry styles and i ended up 31 in queue omg” – val

Well guys, let me know if it works out for you! I’m pretty curious how long it will take before Ticketmaster shuts us all down, but for now, it appears you can still be sneaky! Sneak away, my friends. I won’t tell…

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