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Apparently, if you’re not making at least $10,000 per month then you might be struggling.

That financial hot take is why a TikTok user by the name of OliviaMariah97 is going viral, but it’s also sparking bigger conversations about budgeting, income, hourly work vs. tips, and lifestyle priorities.

Before we get to the video that is going viral, allow me to share one of OliviaMariah97’s earlier TikTok videos to add a little context to the story.

As a service industry worker, she was a bit upset that she had only made a couple of hundred dollars on a night when she was hoping to clear at least $500. She felt like a group that stayed at one of her tables for too long didn’t tip adequately enough being that she would have made more money if she had flipped the table they had occupied for the duration of their stay.

After a few commenters took issue with her financial logic, she returned with another clip claiming that she would never go back to working an hourly job for “the white man.”

After someone responded, criticizing her logic and claiming to make a good living on the path that she dismissed, she went on to say that “$100,000 a year is not a lot of money.” She added that Americans think it’s an adequate amount of money because they are broke.

Then, the topic of average household income came up, prompting another video response from @OliviaMariah97 who said her parents made nearly 10x that amount.

As the days rolled on, @OliviaMariah97 continued to address those commenting on her TikTok videos, claiming that her rent alone is $2000 and that she eats for roughly the same amount per month.

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But the video that went viral was one where @OliviaMariah97 suggested that “you can’t survive on $10,000 a month.”

After getting multiple replies and a lot of understandable backlash from her direct statements, @OliviaMariah explained that her location and her habits are what warranted her comments.

Eventually, she realized that her wording could have been better and even admitted that she sounded “entitled” in her viral video.

She also admitted that some of her comments weren’t actually rooted in fact and didn’t make any sense.

It didn’t stop commenters from dragging her online.

Many pointed out that the majority of America gets by fine making far less than $10,000 per month. Others let her know that it was her choice to not survive on that amount.

There were others who said she was out of touch.

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In the end, OliviaMariah97 makes a few admitted missteps while also making good points about location, lifestyle, and aspirations. My biggest takeaway is that what may be a “lot” of money to someone, may only be a drop in the bucket for someone else and that’s OK.

But, I guess she’s right about most Americans being broke because that’s how I feel every day, regardless of the amount of money in my pocket or my bank account.

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