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Today is July 3rd, the day before celebrating our nation’s independence. Today is also known as Idaho Day, when the Gem State became the 43rd state in the union. Idahoans near and far have taken time to celebrate our great state. There is a native pride in Idahoans regardless of whether or not you were born in the Gem State.President Benjamin Harrison was the president who allowed Idaho to become a state on this day in 1890. The president visited the former Idaho territory and planted a tree to celebrate the occasion. The Idaho Territory was created by President Abraham Lincoln during our nation’s most challenging time, the Civil War. Many Idaho historians believe Lincoln had a particular affinity for the land that would one day become our home.




Idahoans across the Gem State have taken to social media to wish each other a Happy Idaho Statehood Day.  The state has come along ways from the days of a territory known for its challenges of unity.  During the early days of the Idaho Territory, the northern parts of the state and the southern parts had different sets of values, reports East Idaho News.

From East Idaho News:

“According to the Museum of Idaho, a local leader living in the area said “Idaho” was an Indian word that meant “gem of the mountains,” and suggested that’s what they call it.

“Shortly after Congress voted on the name, they found out that this wasn’t, in fact, a native word, but was just made up. In the meantime, the name ‘Idaho’ was cropping up in a few places in this territory, namely in the mountainous mining regions. People still believed the name meant ‘gem of the mountains,’ and with the abundant natural resources available in the mountains, the name stuck … even if it really is just a made-up name,” a museum exhibit reads.”

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