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The International Space Station was visited by the first film crew to ever leave Earth on October 5, and among them is Yulia Pesild, a Russian actress.

Yulia Peresild, one of 20 actresses selected from a shortlist, was chosen to star in The Challenge, the first film ever shot in space. NASA and Tom Cruise in the USA also have plans to shoot a space film, but Russia has already defeated them.

Yulia will portray a space surgeon who is sent into space to save a cosmonaut. The film will be shot in Russia’s Russian sector. According to the BBC, the film will also feature Oleg Novitsky (Russian cosmonaut) and Pyotr Dumbrov (Russian cosmonaut).

Klim Shipenko will direct and the crew has 12 days to film the scenes aboard the ISS.

Who is Yulia Pesild? In what movies?

Yulia Peresild, a Russian stage and film actress, is an award-winning actress.

Yulia was 37 years old when she was born on 5th September 1984. Yulia is the mother of two daughters, Alexei Uchitel, a film director.

Yulia Pesild. (Credit: Instagram/@juliaperesild)

Yulia’s big break came in 2010 when she starred as Sofia in The Edge. Her screen debut was in 2010 with TV’s Land.

Russian audiences are also well-known for Yulia’s TV series Santa Lucia (2012) and the mystical thriller movie Sonnentau.

Her supporting roles in In The Fog (2012), Battle for Sevastopol (2015) are also notable.

Yulia is also a founding member of Galchonok Children’s Charity, which provides treatment for children with organic central nerve system disorders.

What is Yulia’s Instagram name?

Yulia has over 529,000 Instagram followers and her Instagram handle @juliaperesild.

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What is Yulia’s Peresild? net worthWhat will 2021 look like?

Yulia Pesild’s net worth isn’t known, but some reports say she’s worth around $1.5 million (£1.1 million).

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