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Comedy is a celebrated profession. Comic relief is needed every once in a while, and in comedy, you get that, plus life lessons. Comedy also enables you to cope better with life situations and to take things lightly. But who is the richest comedian?

Matt Groening arrives at the Los Angeles screening of Netflix’s “Disenchantment” held at the Vista Theatre. Photo: Michael Tran
Source: Getty Images

Stand-up comedians try other career paths while doing comedy. It is not uncommon to see comedians who go into film, TV, and even show hosting. Prominent comedians in the U.S can get a salary of $16000 to $74000 on comedy alone. Comedians who incorporate more gigs earn higher and build brands which in the end increase their earnings.

Who is the richest comedian in the world?

Comedians become rich by investing in their careers and making their work visible soon as they get little attention. Personalities that are established lead excessive lives as their art pays well. Here are the top 15 wealthiest according to Wealthy Gorilla:

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1. Jerry Seinfeld – $920 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Jerry Seinfeld attends the LA Tastemaker event for Comedians in Cars at The Paley Center for Media. Photo: Emma McIntyre
Source: Getty Images

For the longest time, Jerry Seinfeld has been dubbed the King of Comedy. One of his greatest creations is the TV show Seinfeld, which he co-created with Larry David. Jerry has also starred in shows like The Tonight Show and Frankie on Benson.

2. Matt Stone – $800 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Matt Stone attends Damian Loeb Sgr A* at Acquavella Galleries. Photo: Jared Siskin
Source: Getty Images

Matt Stone has been in the comedy industry for years. Matt’s biggest work is South Park. He is also an animator, actor, producer, and voice-over artist. The 51-year-old also co-developed The book of Mormon with Trey Parker, his creative partner. Matt Stone’s other works include Team America: World Police and South Park: Post COVID.

3. Matt Groening – $700 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Matt Groening speaks at “The Simpsons” Panel during 2019 Comic-Con International at San Diego Convention Center. Photo: Amy Sussman
Source: Getty Images

Matt Groening has been in the comedy and comic industry since 1977. The cartoonist, animator, writer and comedian is known for The Simpsons, Futurama, Disenchantment, and Life in Hell. Matt made the bulk of his wealth from The Simpsons.

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4. Trey Parker – $700 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world
Trey Parker attends The Paley Center for Media. Photo: Araya Doheny
Source: Getty Images

Trey Parker, just like Matt Stone, can credit the success of their careers from South Park and Book of Mormon. The two have been friends since their days at Boulder University in Colorado. The 52-year-old animator, actor, and composer makes most of his money from soundtrack albums, cast writing, films, and songwriting.

5. Eddie Murphy – $600 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Eddie Murphy accepts the Distinguished Artisan Award at the 8th Annual Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards streamed on April 3, 2021. Photo: IngleDodd Media
Source: Getty Images

Eddie Murphy’s net worth does not come as a surprise. Edward Regan Murphy is not just one of the most famous black actors, he is also one of the richest black comedians.

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Eddie became famous when he was featured as a regular cast member of Saturday Night Live between 1980 and 1984. The comedian, writer, and producer has starred in popular movies like Coming to America (1988), Beverly Hills Cop (1984), and The Nutty Professor (1996).

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6. Ellen DeGeneres – $600 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Ellen DeGeneres during The Daytime Talk Show of 2021 awards ceremony for The Ellen DeGeneres Show in Santa Monica. Photo: Alberto Rodriguez
Source: Getty Images

Ellen DeGeneres is the richest female comedian. She is famed for her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which ran from 2003 to 2022. Ellen started her acting and comedy career in the late 1970s and early 80s.

Her breakthrough came in the 90s when she starred in the sitcoms Ellen from 1994 to 1998 and The Ellen Show from 2001 to 2002.

7. Jay Leno – $550 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Comedian and host Jay Leno speak at the 26th Annual White House Correspondents’ Weekend Garden Brunch at the Beall-Washington House. Photo: Paul Morigi
Source: Getty Images

For over 40 years, James Douglas Muir Leno has been entertaining his fans. The 72-year-old comedian and writer did stand-up comedy for years and later switched to TV show hosting. Jay was the host of NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno between 1992 and 2009.

8. Byron Allen – $500 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Byron Allen, founder, Chairman and CEO of the Allen Media Group, appears at the National Museum of African American History & Culture. Photo: Larry French
Source: Getty Images

Byron Allen wears many hats. He is a comedian, businessman, philanthropist, and TV producer. He is also the current head of Entertainment Studios, one of the biggest entertainment companies in America.

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Byron started his career in entertainment in 1979 and has been growing his portfolio over the years. He is one of the richest black comedians and one of the most celebrated entertainers in the world.

9. Adam Sandler – $500 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Adam Sandler attends Netflix’s World Premiere at Regency Village Theatre. Photo: Kevin Winter
Source: Getty Images

There is no good romantic comedy like that which has Adam Sandler as the main star. The 52-year-old actor, filmmaker, and comedian is among the entertainers whose careers were elevated through Saturday Night Live.

Adam was featured on SNL between 1990 and 1995. He is naturally funny and has been cast in top movies like Grown Ups 1 & 2, Just Go with It (2011), 50 First Dates (2004), and Big Daddy (1999).

10. Kevin Hart – $460 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Kevin Hart attends the 2022 HEARTBEAT Brunch at Goldstein Residence. Photo: Roger Kisby
Source: Getty Images

What’s there not to love about Kevin Hart? He is versatile and consistent. Kevin is one of the greatest stand-up comedians of the last decade and a great actor.

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Kevin Hart’s net worth has been contributed by the roles he plays in making top films. Some of his major works are Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017), Central Intelligence (2016), The Man from Toronto (2022), and Ride Along (2014).

11. Bill Cosby – $450 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Bill Cosby poses for a photo in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo
Source: Getty Images

William Henry Cosby Jr.’s name always attracts controversy whenever he is mentioned. Cosby was one of the most famous comedians in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s and was still enjoying relevance in the industry just before his accusations.

Bill Cosby’s contribution to the positive portrayal of black comedians on television cannot be overlooked. His most successful work is the Cosby Show.

12. David Letterman – $420 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
David Letterman poses for a photo during a conversation with senator Al Franken presented by 92nd Street Y. Photo: Jim Spellman
Source: Getty Images

David Michael Letterman is a comedian, producer, writer, and TV host. Letterman has been in the entertainment industry since the 1970s. He hosted late-night TV talk shows for more than 33 years, since 1982, when he started Late Night with David Letterman on NBC and ended with Late Show with David Letterman on CBS in 2015.

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13. Larry David – $400 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Larry David speaks onstage during the Curb Your Enthusiasm FYC Panel at DGA Theater Complex. Photo: Charley Gallay
Source: Getty Images

Lawrence Gene David is a comedian, actor, writer, TV producer, and director. He has been in comedy and television for more than 45 years.

David’s most notable work is the sitcom Seinfeld which he created with Jerry Seinfeld. His other major contributions are seen in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Whatever Works, The Three Stooges, and Hannah Montana.

14. Seth MacFarlane – $300 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Seth McFarlane attends the 57th Annual ICG Publicists Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez
Source: Getty Images

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane’s input in animation and comedy should be celebrated. The actor, screenwriter, producer, comedian, and director has been active in the industry since 1995.

Seth MacFarlane’s most notable works are in the TV show Family Guy, The Orville, and American Dad!

15. Dan Aykroyd – $200 million

Who is the richest comedian in the world?
Dan Aykroyd attends the opening night of Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights held at Universal Studios Hollywood. Photo: Michael Tran
Source: Getty Images

70-year-old Daniel Edward Aykroyd is a comedian, actor, producer, writer, and musician. The Canadian comedian is an original member of the Not Ready for Prime Time Players on Saturday Night Live. Aykroyd established himself in sketch comedy, musical comedy and improvisational comedy.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Who is the richest comedian in 2022? Forbes Magazine named Jerry Seinfeld the richest comedian in the world.
  2. How much do you get paid for stand-up? For an average 45-minute stand-up performance, newbie stand-up comedians earn between $100-$200. This amount can vary depending on the venue and the comedian’s size.
  3. What makes a good comedian? You have to be naturally humorous, observant, and able to read the room. An excellent comedian will look for a character to be identified with and also master the art of breaking down comedy scripts
  4. How do you become a rich comedian? Once you are an established comedian, try your hands on other things like MCing events, acting and doing small sketches on social media.
  5. Does comedy favour males more than females? No. A good comedian will be grand in their art if they are committed despite their gender. Apart from Ellen DeGeneres, the industry has seen the growth and success of other top female comedians like Amy Schumer and Tiffany Haddish.
  6. What is Dave Chappelle’s net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, he is estimated to be worth $60 million.
  7. What is Chris Rock’s net worth as of 2022? His worth is approximated to be $60 million.

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Comedy, like any other career, requires consistency and discipline. If you ask who is the richest comedian, you will be surprised that your favourite does not make it, especially if he is still learning the ropes. Comedy needs one to be creative, keep up with current affairs and learn the art of delivery. You may have the best jokes but fail at delivery, making you fall short of what your audience expects.

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