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We’ve all heard of people who become memes. But what about people who make memes and then make a career out of it?

Allison Harvard, also known by “Creepy Chan”, started off as a 4chan meme and ended up becoming a successful model—and then making headlines again by joining the NFT craze.

Read on to find out more about her extraordinary rise to fame…

Who is Creepy Chan?

According to Know Your Meme, Allison Harvard is an American who’s internet presence grew when photos she had created for DeviantArt and MySpace began spreading on 4chan. Harvard began uploading photos in 2002, when she turned 14 years old. Later, they gained popularity on 4chan starting in 2005.

The photos were haunting in their beauty, as she used fake blood and costumes for a melancholy motif. Live Journal was also used by her to show off her work.

Harvard wore babydoll clothes and had her face painted in fake blood. Fans of horror flicks such as “The Shining” loved her look. “The Ring”.

The online community loved the imagery, so they gave her the nickname “Creepy Chan”. In 2006, her photo was included in a thread about MyDeathSpace. “Creepiest people on MySpace”. Her photos then went viral.

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How a Meme became a Model


Finally, a casting agent from the popular reality TV show was able to assist. “America’s Next Top Model”Harvard was contacted online by Harvard and she offered to audition for the show’s 12th Season in 2009.

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Banks asked Harvard a few questions in a famous clip when Tyra Banks interviewed her and the judges panel. “There is one thing that you say is beautiful and it’s unfair you’ve never had one, what is that?”

Harvard giggled, and answered. “Nosebleeds, I have a really big fascination with blood…and I think it looks really pretty!”Which Banks have you heard back? “I used to get them all the time as a child,”Harvard replied, “Jealous!”.

Harvard later stated in a Reddit AMA how editing had a role in how this conversation was presented.

Despite the odd scenes, Harvard finished second in the season.

“Creepy Chan”She gained a large following after the show. Many of her fans claimed that she was robbed the title of America’s Next Top Model. After the season was over, she was signed by an exclusive modeling agency and walked on the runways of New York Fashion Week.

Where is Creepy Cha Now?

Harvard was approached by another casting agent for America’s Next Top Model in order to appear on the All-Stars series of the show in 2011. She was named runner up in the competition again.

According to The List, she appeared in a few movies, including “Insensate” “Dangerous Words from the Fearless”.

Harvard is also involved in NFT art. Harvard uploaded her work to Foundation, a website that assists creators tokenize their art.

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According to The Business of Business, Creepy Chan’s photos were sold for an incredible $150,000

“It’s crazy because I was turned into an unwitting queen of 4chan when I was 16 years old. Memes are part of internet culture and it’s hard to have any control over how they are used,”During an interview, she spoke to the publication.

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Embrace Your Uniqueness

In a world full of generic social media profiles, being yourself is the best way to build a following and to be successful.

Harvard was often seen as an outlier due to her passion for the dark side. But many saw Harvard as relatable and creative. She was also beautiful and unique. Her rise to fame demonstrates that sometimes the only way to stand out from the crowd is to show what makes you unique.


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