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ANDY Dick is an actor, comedian, musician, and producer known for his outlandish – and often controversial – behavior.

On May 11, 2022, he was arrested on suspicion of sexual battery in California.


Andy Dick was arrested for felony sexual battery on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

What is Andy Dick’s net worth?

Andy Dick’s net worth is estimated to be around $300,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The 56-year-old’s fortune has likely decreased over the years following his numerous arrests.

He earned a bulk of his former fortune from his work on The Ben Stiller Show, NewsRadio on NBC, and his role as Owen Kronsky on the ABC sitcom, Less than Perfect.

He was also the man behind The Andy Dick Show, which ran for three seasons on MTV from 2001 until 2003.

Why was Andy Dick arrested in May 2022?

Andy was arrested for felony sexual battery on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, in Orange County, California.

Footage of his arrest was live-streamed on a YouTube channel as he was caught being dragged out of the RV he currently lives in by cops.

According to TMZ, he was arrested after an adult male at the O’Neill Regional Park claimed the star sexually assaulted him.

On Thursday, May 12, Andy posted bail.

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According to Page Six, a spokesperson for Orange County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that Andy’s bail was “set at $25,000, but said he only had to pay 10 percent of the total.”

A court date for August 10, 2022, has been scheduled.

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Since Andy has yet to be formally charged with a crime, the DA’s office is taking more time to investigate the situation.

If the DA’s Office decides not to pursue charges, Andy’s case will be dismissed.

 A shocking video has emerged of comedian Andy Dick grabbing Ivanka Trump on Jimmy Kimmel's TV show


A shocking video has emerged of comedian Andy Dick grabbing Ivanka Trump on Jimmy Kimmel’s TV showCredit: ABC

What happened with Andy and Ivanka Trump on the Jimmy Kimmel show?

A 2007 clip of Andy grabbing at Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, resurfaced online back in 2018.

In the shocking clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live, Andy rubs Ivanka’s legs and arm as she squirms awkwardly in her seat.

Host Jimmy swoops in several times during the madcap encounter, as Andy continues to make excuses to touch her.

Eventually, show security swept in, and Jimmy helped them carry Andy out of the studio as the audience applauded.

According to Kimmel, Andy asked Ivanka for a “big, wet kiss” as soon as he met her.

“It was time for Andy to go, so I escorted him out by his feet,” he later said.

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Andy himself even commented on the incident on Instagram, writing:

“The time I ‘groped’ Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“Her legs were sparkling, and I was trying to see if the glitter would wipe off.

“I also mistakenly thought she would date me. I was jokingly carried off by security.”

He added: “Is anybody going to carry Trump off? No joke. Confusing times.”

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