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Class B
First Team
Zach Johnston, Greely; Blaine Cockburn, Freeport; Liam Hickey, Yarmouth; Curtis Sullivan, Cape Elizabeth; Ryan Kolben, Greely; Gibby Sullivan, Yarmouth; Keigan Shea, Freeport; Hunter Gibson, Poland Regional; Marky Axelsen, Greely; Hayden Henriksen, York; Brooks Williams, Greely; Mitchell Bean, Poland Regional; Brody Gullison, York; Max Cloutier, Greely.
Second Team
Ian Libby, GNG; Nathan Abbott, Freeport; Sam Lowenstein, Yarmouth; Zach Carpenter, Wells; Kempton von Glinsky-Gregoire, Freeport; Owen Tighe, Cape Elizabeth; Matt Gautreau, Yarmouth; Jacob Chadbourne, Lake Region; Jack McCosh, Yarmouth; Brock Gibbons, Lake Region; Matt Robichaud, Yarmouth; Jackson Leding, Greely; Luke Doughty, York; Andrew Cheever, Yarmouth.
Player of the Year: Ryan Kolben, Greely
Co-Pitchers of the Year: Zach Johnston, Greely, and Blaine Cockburn, Freeport.

Class B
First Team
Atlantis Martin, Poland; Emma Bunyea, Poland; Sadie Tirrell, Lake Region; Kathryne Clay, Cape Elizabeth; Kat Callahan, Cape Elizabeth; Rosie Panenka, Freeport; Brooke Pawlowski, Freeport; Savannah Tardiff, Wells; McKayla Kortes, York; Maddy Raymond, York; Morgan Curtis, GNG; Camden Jones, Fryeburg; Julia Lawwill, Yarmouth; Lily Rawnsley, Greely.
Second Team
Olivia Rioux, Poland; Emma Gagne, Poland; Gretchyn Paradis, Poland; Melissa Mayo, Lake Region; Sophia Chung, Cape Elizabeth; Claira Parker, Cape Elizabeth; Jaclyn Burke, Freeport; Celia Cobb, Freeport; Chloe Carbonneau, Wells; Alexis Osterhaus, York; Maggie Hanlon, York; Maisie Lerette, GNG; Emma Butsch, Yarmouth; Maia Wright, Greely.
Class B Player of the Year: Mckayla Kortes, York; Coach of the Year: Katrina Seeley, Poland.

Class C/D
Elyse Guptill, SV; Lindsey Fox, SV; Julia Tuthill, SV; Keira Greene, SV; Abby Sanborn, SV; Hailey Capano, SV; Summer St. Louis, OOB; Ganelle Furguson, OOB; Riley Fish, OOB; Tessa Ferguson, OOB; Lilly Beaulieu, OOB; Kathleen Dean, St. Doms, Bella Perryman, St. Doms; Emily Andrews, St. Doms; Cami Casserly, St. Doms.
Player of the Year: Summer St. Louis, Old Orchard Beach.

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Class C
First Team
Caleb Waterman, NYA; Gavyn Petrie, Wells; Brayden Warde, NYA; Roan Hopkins, Waynflete; Connor Woodward, Wells; Elliott Oney, NYA; Henry Bergeron, NYA; Colton Harding, Wells; Jake Butler, GNG; Jack Curtis, NYA; Terry Gagner, Traip; Griffen Brickett, Wells.
Second Team
Randall Walker, Freeport; Seth Cloutier, Waynflete; Zach Vogel, Lake Region; Conner Whitten, Wells; Daniel Casale, Freeport; Jacob Woodman, Waynflete; Seamus Rohde, NYA; Saben Piatek, Wells; Liam Anderson, Waynflete; Adam Clough, Freeport; Aundrew Edwards, Lake Region; Jasper Curtis, Waynflete; Owen McDuffie, GNG/Poland.
Honorable Mention
Josiah England, LRHS; Heath Bowie, Poland-GNG; Jordan Knighton, Freeeport; Tucker Johnson, Traip Academy; Eli Steere, Wells; Chas Rohde, NYA; Nils Johanson, Waynflete.

All-Conference Team
Katelyn D’Appolonia, Yarmouth; Sadie Carnes, Yarmouth; Sara Wentzell, Yarmouth; Aine Powers, Yarmouth; Carley Ferentz, Greely; Charlotte Taylor, Greely; Lauren Dennen, Greely; Allie Read, Greely; Savannah Tracy, Freeport; Kate Tracy, Freeport; Megan Driscoll, Freeport; Riley Simon, Freeport; Rose Pavuk, York; Clara Pavuk, York; Tia Spenlinhaur, York; Cary Drake, York; Maggie Holt, NYA; Vy Tran, NYA; Emma Sharp, NYA; Claire McDonald, Cape; Elise Branch, Cape; Annaliese Rudberg, Cape; Kayleigh Michaud-Nolan, Wells; Ruby McMinis, Wells; Leah Finn, Wells; Lolie Millspaugh, Waynflete; Jesse Connors, Waynflete; Emily Girard, Waynflete; Katie Keenan, Lake Region; Rebecca Caron, Lake Region; Abigail Elsaesser, Lake Region; Emma Roy, St. Doms; Julia Durling, Traip; Ellie Steele, GNG; Maddie Foreman, Fryeburg.
Honorable Mention
Juliet Meas, Yarmouth; Lauren Keaney, Yarmouth; Kylie Crocker, Greely; Eva Williams, Greely; Piper Williams, Freeport; Kyla Havey, Freeport; Charlotte Grimes, York; Abby Armlin, York; Lila Jackson, NYA; Ellie Gagne, Cape; Tilsley Kelly, Waynflete; Gwen Gagnon, Lake Region; Bella Pellitier, St Dom; Greta Grant, Fryeburg; Andrea Smith, GNG.

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First Team
Frazier Dougherty, Yarmouth; Gregory McDonald, Wells; Nolan Garey Poland; Charlie Newton, York; Landon Morrison, York; Jake Twigg, Poland; Hans Bakke, York; Alerick Sands, Poland; Frazier Dougherty, Yarmouth; Nick Garey, Poland; Gage Cooney, Greely; Jonah Naratil, Sacopee Valley; Noah Hallward-rough, North Yarmouth; Owen Patry, Cape; Domenic Antonelli, Poland; Frazier Dougherty, Yarmouth; Domenic Antonelli, Poland; Henry Horne; Freeport; Matt Charpentier, York; Ashton Day, Sacopee Valley; Hunter Brackett, Poland; Henry Horne; Freeport; Hunter Hodgdon, Sacopee Valley; John Nicolo, York; Jacob Adams, Fryeburg; Cadyn Langlois, Poland; Reece Perry, Freeport; Owen Trombly, Sacopee Valley; Matt Charpentier, York; Hunter Hodgdon, Sacopee Valley; Riley Cronin, York; Jacob Earley, Sacopee Valley; Ethan Hennig, Yarmouth; Ethan Hennig, Yarmouth.
Second Team
Evan Dutil, Greely; Nick Garey, Poland; Carter Boulanger, Sacopee Valley; Colin Monsen, York; Carter Libby, Gray; David Patnaude, Wells; Will Fougere, Cape; Alex Hodgkins, Old Orchard; Joaquim Bila, North Yarmouth; Seth Hultstrom, York; Alecssander Freitas, Lake Region; Nolan Garey, Poland; Sam Laverdiere, Lake Region; Evan Schneider, Old Orchard; Seth Hultstrom, York; Tristan Kay, Wells; Will Barmby, North Yarmouth; Hunter Pruett, York; Justice Lemont, Poland; Will Orso, York; Owen Gillan, Yarmouth; Cadyn Langlois, Poland; Will Barmby, North Yarmouth; Kai Dunn, York; Joaquim Bila, North Yarmouth; Liam Dunn, York; Christian Burke, York; Kennett Adande Kinti, Greely; Ashton Day, Sacopee Valley; Carter Boulanger, Sacopee Valley; Colin Monsen, York.

First Team
Tori Hews, Cape; Ellen Marquis-Boutin, Poland; Graca Bila, North Yarmouth; Lexi Brent, York; Cary Drake, York; Nora Goldberg-Courtney, Maine Coast; Evelyn Miller, Poland; Greta Yauch, York; Graca Bila, North Yarmouth; Tori Hews, Cape; Adelaide Schroeck, Traip; Charlotte Williamson, York; Cary Drake, York; Nora Goldberg-Courtney, Maine Coast; Elizabeth Buckley, York; Toni Vaillancourt, Sacopee Valley; Emma Haims, North Yarmouth; Hadley Mahoney, Cape; Ava Anderson, Poland; Lorenza Piper, Gray; Campbell Johnson, Lake Region; Kambrie Thompson, Wells; Chloe Slovenski, York; Emma Williams, Poland; Adelaide Schroeck, Traip; Lia Traficonti, Greely; Molly Cobbs, Freeport; Kambrie Thompson, Wells; Lorenza Piper, Gray; Marion Robbins, North Yarmouth; Graca Bila, North Yarmouth; Lia Traficonti, Greely.
Second Team
Elle Jowett, Greely; Toni Vaillancourt, Sacopee Valley; Toni Vaillancourt, Sacopee Valley; Charlotte Williamson, York; Brianna Corriveau, Poland; Hadley Mahoney, Cape; Hadley Cucco, York; Emily Simpson, Old Orchard; Abigail Jacobson, Greely; Ellen Marquis-Boutin, Poland; Katie Carlson, Greely; Noelle Denholm, Traip; Brianna Corriveau, Poland; Emma Young, Cape; Lexi Brent, York; Emma Haims, Maine Coast; Anna Geyer-Shaheen, St. Dominic; Molly Kenealy, York; Alexis Hutchings, Gray; Adrianna Pirini, Sacopee Valley; Aver Baker-Schlendering, Freeport; Madilyn Onorato, North Yarmouth; Grace Begin, Gray; Hailey Capano, Sacopee Valley; Juliet Regonini, York; Lilly Stuart, Traip; Lucy Bradford, Freeport; Hannah Decker, Sacopee Valley; Emma Hutchings, Gray; Campbell Johnson, Lake Region; Adelaide Schroeck, Traip.

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2022 Sun Journal All-Region Boys Track and Field Teams

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