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Back on Episode 101 of What Do You Wanna Watch?, Ashley and Dylan picked 8 films entries and two wild card films as part of their Fantasy Movie Game Draft. Now after adding 3 extra picks to their lists on the most recent episode, lets look at how their lists compare.

The scores for each film are based on the Rotten Tomato’s critics average rating. For every 0.1 above 6.0 a film gets, it gets one point. For every 0.1 below 6.0, it loses one point. If a movie doesn’t release in the year, it is treated as getting a 6.0, and therefore 0 points.

There are also special rules to make certain points worth more or less. If a film scores above a 8.0, every 0.1 above 8.0 is worth two points instead of one. Meanwhile, f0r every 01. below 4.0, the loss of points in only half a point.

Finally, there are bonus points based on worldwide box office ranking. If the film ranked is ranked 1 for the year worldwide, it earns 20 points. Rank 2 earns 18 points and so on through to rank 10 earning 2 points.

Any negative critic scores for the wildcard entries don’t count.

Whoevers film picks net the most points wins.

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