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Can someone please check on Sarah Levy’s vocal cords? Because I’m genuinely concerned for their wellbeing after the Emmys. The Canadian actress tuned into the award show from home while many of her Schitt’s Creek costars (safely) gathered to watch it together in Toronto, and you better believe she lost her mind over the sitcom’s historic sweep of the comedy category, much like her brother Dan Levy did at the cast’s viewing party.

In footage captured and shared by Sarah’s boyfriend, Graham Outerbridge, she’s seen repeatedly screaming, falling to her knees, doing happy dances, and yelling a very David Rose-esque “oh my god” each and every time Schitt’s Creek is announced as a winner. At one point she even admits, “I literally only have ‘oh my god’ in my vocabulary,” which honestly sums up precisely how I felt while watching it all go down from my couch Sunday evening. Worth noting is the fact that Sarah was streaming the show from her laptop, which was propped up on top of a Sephora box and binder — oh, Twyla, how relatable of you!

Shortly after Graham shared the compilation of Sarah being a wholesome angel, Dan reposted it for his Twitter followers, writing, “Last night happened so that this montage of my sister’s reactions could exist. Love you, @sarahlevy_ . Wish you could have been there with us . . . but this is almost better?” Watch the pure-AF montage in full above to celebrate Schitt’s Creek‘s big Emmys night all over again, and then relive Eugene and Dan Levy’s incredible joint acceptance speech.

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