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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legend who has left an indelible mark in different fields, is also a doting parent. The Terminator actor and his ex-wife Shriver share four children- two daughters and two sons. Katherine, 32, and Christina, 31, who are only one year apart, grew up together. However, Katherine played the older sibling role wherever needed.


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Parenting is neither easy nor difficult. However, one can’t deny that it is challenging. Arnie and Shriver sported a unique combination of parenting to ensure cohesion while not compromising on letting them be their selves. In a throwback interview, the Schwarzenegger sisters shared insights on the sibling relationship they have. 


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The relationship between the sister duo is driven by both their birth order and love

While most siblings regret the responsibility and accountability that comes with being the first one, Katherine expressed that she always loved being the older sister. Arnold’s second daughter, Christina, shared her mixed feelings about being a younger sister. Although she loved it for several reasons, she said, “was also very frustrated by it.”

Since they did not have a vast age difference, they did most activities together. Christina joined Katherine in activities ahead of her age group. She recounted her sister has mothered her in many ways – “feeding me a bottle, squeezing the life out of me, trying to get me to smile by shaping my mouth with her hands…” Similar to every other younger sibling, she tried to rebel. “I was always under watch,” she recounted.

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Conversely, Katherine always allowed her little sister to “go first” which she loved, since frequently, she wasn’t given a chance to do so. Furthermore, Christina said that her sister took every responsibility very seriously. Whereas Christina was energetic and a little impulsive and enjoyed being silly and having fun. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver set high standards for parenting

Katherine, who is raising two sisters, has shared on several occasions that she takes inspiration from her parents in parenting her daughters. She said that her parents did a great job of reminding them to embrace their togetherness and giving them the space to pursue their interests and make friends of their choice.


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 In addition, Christina said that they constantly emphasized that they were not only siblings but also best friends, especially when they grew older, and “to always be grateful to have a sister that close in age. I never understood what they meant until I got older, and it’s true.” 


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Also, she shared that their combination of one being calm and the other energetic continued into adulthood; it helped them individuate while also knowing that they were there for each other. “I think there was a balance of energies that worked for us, like a yin and yang,” Christina said. 

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