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Shadowhunters and Arrow fan favorite Katherine McNamara has gone from the sci-fi genre to the Old West as one of the leads in The CW’s upcoming Walker spinoff Walker Independence. On the new show, Katherine plays Abby Walker, one of ancestor of such folks as Jared Padalecki’s Cordell in the parent series (or should we say great-great-granchild series now?)

In any event, Walker Independence premieres Thursday, October 6 on The CW, and recently, the cast spoke to journalists in a virtual Q&A, where among other things, Kat talked a bit about what makes Abby who she is.

“With Abby, I think she’s a woman who’s a bit out of her time,” McNamara said. “She is very well educated, very intelligent, but still somehow finds her in a world where she knows nothing. She has to completely start over…. her entire life, literally, you know, is gone in the first 15 minutes of our show, and she stumbles into this town that is also finding itself. It’s such an interesting opportunity to see a woman in this time period have such agency, and to be able to start over on a life that is for her, and to create her own destiny, while also trying to take revenge for the death of the love of her life, and try and find some sense of justice in a world where justice is always a shade of gray.”

Abby isn’t the only character on Independence with a sense of justice. “One thing I love about all of these characters is that I think everyone has their own sense of justice, and their own drive, and their own way of moving through the world that they think is right, and something that they’re striving for, and something that they’re hiding. As the series unfolds, we get to see the different kinds of justice that happen in the West and the different ways in which these characters can go about accomplishing that,” she teases.

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