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I previously talked about a scenario where the Edmonton Oilers and San Jose Sharks could actually work out a trade that would see Evander Kane come back to the Oilers if San Jose loses their grievance case with him and takes his full contract back. Should the Oilers still want to pursue Kane after that happens, it would leave GM Ken Holland little choice but to trade for Kane after San Jose “reclaims their asset.” The issue there is dealing with other teams potentially getting involved.

There might be a third option.

The Sharks and Oilers could come up with a settlement prior to the arbitrator ruling. That settlement would be a trade the two teams agreed to prior to the grievance case closing, one that would see the Oilers move out players with salary and the Sharks sending Kane’s three-year, $7 million per season back to Edmonton.

How The Trade Would Work

This scenario might explain why Oilers Now Host Bob Stauffer keeps teasing the idea that the Oilers could have more cap space than people realize. He hasn’t explained why he believes this, only repeatedly stating, “At the end of the day you could see Edmonton with more cap space than they appear to have at this time.”

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