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What is Tori Spelling’s net worth?

Net Worth:$500 thousandAge: 47May 16, 1973Country of OriginUnited States of AmericaSource of wealth:Professional actressLast Updated 2021


As of 2021, Tori Spelling’s net worthIt is estimated that it will be approximately $500,000. 

Tori Spelling, an American actress, television personality and socialite from Los Angeles, is a writer.

Her first major role, Donna Martin on, is what makes her most well-known. ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’1990 was the start. 


Early Life

Victoria Davey Tori was conceived in Los Angeles on 16 May 1973. She is the daughter of Aaron and Candy Spelling, Jewish parents. Aaron was a well-known Hollywood director who produced movies like ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘Dynasty’And ‘Fantasy Island’.

She took acting classes when she was six and even had the opportunity to appear in movies as a guest star. ‘The Love Boat’. ‘T. J. Hooker’. ‘Hotel’. ‘Fantasy Island’. ‘Vega$’, ‘Saved by the Bell’.



In 1990, Donna Martin was her role on the television series. ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’Her father co-produced the film. The success of ‘Beverly Hills’This opened up new possibilities and she was soon cast in several made-for TV films. 

After the completion ‘Beverly Hills’With the play, she made her stage debut ‘Maybe Baby, It’s You’ in 2002. Her next big venture was in VH1’s sitcom ‘So NoTORIous’2006, when she appeared as herself. 

In 2009, she was confirmed to reprise her role as Donna Martin on the new series. ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’which, aired in ‘90210’Only. 

She hosted the animated television series ‘My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic’In the finale of its second series,, aired April 21, 2012.

‘Yo Gabba Gabba!’, an American children’s television show, had her as their special guest on the eve of Christmas on December 18, 2012, where she was seen baking cookies.

As of 2021, Tori Spelling’s net worthIt is 500 000. 



Here are some of the best highlights of Tori Spelling’s career: 

Beverly Hills 90210 (TV-Show, 1990-2000) Scary Movie (Movie, 2001)


Favorite Quotes From Tori Spelling

“Its always when you think that you’ve lost a little of the baby weight that someone steps in grabs a handful of a now sans baby soft belly and asks the inevitable When are you due?” – Tori Spelling

“When a marriage fails, the story of the relationship changes. The best parts, the parts that made you think getting married was a good idea, fade from memory.” – Tori Spelling

“It’s much harder to give up on family. Deep down you want it to work so badly that you keep making the same mistake.” – Tori Spelling

“I want to be a positive role-model for my daughter. The last thing I want to put out there is that it’s acceptable to be too thin or have an eating disorder because you’re in Hollywood.” – Tori Spelling

“Sometimes, when I’m alone, I put on six-inch heels and wear nothing else and dance around in front of the mirror and do my little stripper dance.” – Tori Spelling


3 Lessons From Tori Spelling

Now that you know all about Tori Spelling’s net worth, and how she achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from her:


1. Be skeptical of Celebrity Assertions

Celebrities want us to believe they’re just regular folks like you and me, but that ignores a very key difference between those with fame and those without.

Celebrities consider their bodies a key part their brand, image, and product. When it’s your job to look good in front of a camera, you are going to pull out all the stops: Expensive personal training sessions, in-home healthy chefs, or – in this unfortunate case – extreme, dangerous dieting techniques.

Interviews with movie stars are all too common. “I easily lost the baby weight and you can too!!!”We should take it with salt.


2. Don’t Even Bother Comparing

It seems like a no-brainer – why should I judge my post-baby body based on what I see in the magazines? – and yet we still fall prey to the comparison game all the time.

Even though we’re fully aware that the images and reports portrayed in the media are totally falsified, be it through airbrushing, photoshopping, or celebrity fibs, we still bemoan the fact that our thighs are thicker than Jessica Alba’s and our abs are flabbier than Kate Hudson’s.

Tori Spelling’s admission is further proof that such comparisons are completely and utterly futile.

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3. Be realistic about your own post-partum weight loss

There’s a lot of truth to the saying, “It took 9 months to put the weight on, it will take 9 months to get it off.”

Crash dieting is never healthy, but – despite Tori Spelling’s example – starving yourself is particularly harmful right after giving birth.

Breastfeeding moms need more calories than ever to ensure adequate milk supply. It is impossible to get through the sleepless nights and daily demands of a newborn without proper fuel. It is even more important to ignore the pressures to quickly lose baby weight by following a strict diet.



Tori Spelling is a TV actor and author with bestselling books. She also owns a clothing and jewelry company that is very successful.

As of 2021, Tori Spelling’s net worthIt is 500 000. 

What do you think about Tori Spelling’s net worth? Leave a comment.

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