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Thanks to his participation in films such as Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, Born on the Fourth of July, Interview with the Vampire and Mission Impossible, Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is one of today’s most recognized actors.

He could have been a priest

Although he was born in Syracuse, New York, his family immigrated to Canada, and while studying at Robert Hopkins Public School, Tom became interested in acting.

However, at the time he was also ready to become a priest, largely because he was on scholarship at the San Francisco Seminary, where he studied for a few years while perfecting his technique as an actor by joining the drama club.

It is noteworthy that Tom was later expelled from the seminary after he and his friends were caught stealing and drinking alcohol.

Waiter’s assistant

From there, Cruise went on to Glen Ridge High School, where he took high school Greco-Roman wrestling, but suffered a knee injury and put the sport aside.

He then decided to start an acting career and moved to New York, where he worked in restaurants as a busboy.

And in 1981, he landed a role as a supporting character in the movie Endless Love, where he was paid $30,000.

From then on, fortune began to smile on him and the calls to the film sets began to be recurrent until he got his first leading role in the film Risky Business, for which he received $75,000, in 1983.

However, the springboard to success for Tom Cruise came with his role in Top Gun, a film that earned him $13,000,000.

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Cruise also earned a lot of money with Jerry McGuire and Eyes Wide Shut, with $20 million each, but his greatest success came with the Mission Impossible saga, where experts agree that he earned around $285,000,000.

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In this perspective, Tom Cruise is one of the highest paid actors in the industry with an estimated net worth of $600,000,000.

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