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‘Doom At Your Service’ is the story of a woman named Tak Dong Kyung, who lives an ordinary life. One day she learns that she only has a few months to live and a man named Myul Mang appears as the ‘Doom’ at her doorstep after making a wish. As complex as their relationship sounds, the show was just as intriguing and full of fantastical moments.

Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk have both established themselves as star performers with each planting some very impressive roles under their belt. This has in turn given them a massive fan following and allowed them to pick unique characters to broaden their career spectrum. Planning on returning after a 2 year and a 3 year break each, the two actors made K-drama fans fall in love with their magical world.

On being asked about the reason for picking this particular script, Seo In Guk who made his long time comeback to TV following the success of melodrama ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’ revealed in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, “I was intrigued by the script and the character. I found the concept of the one who destroys everything falling in love very interesting.”

Meanwhile, Park Bo Young who was taking on another project where she falls in love with a fantastical character after ‘Abyss’ with Ahn Hyo Seop went with her instincts as she said, “When I choose a project, I focus on whether I find it interesting, relatable, and whether it makes me wonder what will happen next. I chose to star in this project as it fulfills all those factors. Most of all, I’ve always wanted to work with the writer Im Me-a-ri and the director Kwon Yeong-il, so I didn’t hesitate to choose this project.”

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