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Rishi Khiani, founder of has been able to associate with both the NRAI as well as FHRAI in order to provide the most focused opportunities for those working in the hospitality industry. A website that is totally focused on hospitality employment—this is what has ventured out to be. The website, which launched on August 17, 2022 is the brainchild of Rishi Khiani, the founder of the website. ET HospitalityWorld spoke with Khiani on the eve of the launch, about his product and what it strives to achieve.

Khiani began by saying that human resources and enabling jobs was a sector he had wanted to get into and acquired the domain – – with that in mind.

“I was clear, I didn’t want to go horizontal, I didn’t want to fight multiple battles. At the same time, I wanted a segment that was a large enough creator of jobs. I think hospitality was the no brainer for me—people are what make the entire hospitality business, and for the longest time, it’s been a revolving door (when it came to people switching jobs). It was an industry which I understood and built something for,” he said about the genesis of the website.

His focus, Khiani added, would include the hotel industry, restaurants, allied tourism sector as well as cruise liners ultimately.

“I did my own research and bought in Karan Khetarpal and Rachel Goenka as partners, and I think for the first four or five months, I just wanted to understand what the nuances of this business was,” he said adding that he discovered that in the post-pandemic market the hospitality sector wasn’t perceived to be one which provided stable employment and so the opportunity for his business was quite vast.

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Kiani said that his platform had to solve for not just the problem of jobs, but also figure out, in the long run, how to improve the quality of life, improve access to skill, upskill as well as provide a means to get financial tools that would help those who work in the industry do better and not have to jump jobs for INR 500 or 1000.

The site, with its aim to improve the lot of the millions that work in the industry have a lot of value adds from giving discounts akin to that offered to members of bodies like FHRAI to features like early salary where they can take a short term advance, he added.

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“We felt that it was apt to co-opt some of the industry bodies. NRAI is an equity holder in our company and owns a minority share, so it also becomes their portal for jobs. We are also doing something with FHRAI where we are becoming the job tab on their portal. It was important for us to get them for the demand side first, and once they’ve understood that we are an industry-led solution, we can go to multiple channels and look at supply,” Khiani said.

He confessed that supply was not a silver bullet and that eventually they would have to become something akin to a career counsellor to help people.

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