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A hotel guest in the US was dished a juicy surprise after they arrived at the front desk.

The front desk was vacant and in place of an employee was an epic resignation letter written by an employee which was shared on Reddit: “Got locked out of my hotel room, went to find the front desk lady and this was on the counter.”

The guest took a photo of the letter and as resignations go, it leaves no questions unanswered.

It reads: “Since starting here, I have stepped up and had your back through many things. I have stepped into positions simply to ensure our guests have a great stay I have gone above and beyond to accommodate not only our guests, but for you, employees, and the ever-changing schedule.

“Not only that, I have done it all with a smile on my face.”

It went on to complain about a lack of promotion and poor treatment from management.

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She ended the letter by saying, “In conclusion, I QUIT.”

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