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McDonald’s in the UK is celebrating the release of its first “permanent” chicken burger, the McCrispy, in an interesting fashion.

Amid an ad campaign featuring the likes of TV presenter Maya Jama, fictional comedy character Keith Lemon and “Big Shaq” himself, Michael Dapaah, the company has also unveiled the… McCrispy Gaming Chair. Yep.

Let’s entirely ignore the stereotype of the greasy, fast food-shovelling gamer for a second (if only because that’s actually me) and look at what the McCrispy Gaming Chair offers. It’s a pretty standard-looking racing seat-style chair in a very striking McDonald’s yellow and black colourway, at first glance. As far as unique features goes though, it’s got special holders for your fries and sauces, and a “hot box” designed to keep your McCrispy burger warm while you yell horrible things down the mic during a game of Fortnite. There’s even a special stain-proof leather treatment, because apparently that’s how sloppy McDonald’s reckons you are.

Sadly (I use that loosely), Aussies can’t get their hands on this chair. There are four being given away to UK customers through a special Facebook promotion. You can look at that here, if you really want to.

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Now if Macca’s in Australia can just give me what I really want (the return of All Day Breakfast) maybe I’ll forgive them for this monstrosity.

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