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The second episode of The Kardashians further establishes the show’s style—crisp camerawork, tight narratives, and a confident and unhurried pace—while also highlighting the family’s apparent individuation from one another. We follow Kim as she preps for SNL (with the “baby bar” looming), Kourtney as she house-hunts with Travis (and eventually reveals that they’re trying fertility treatments), and Khloe, who’s fretting about an upcoming appearance on James Corden (while opining the perils of social media). We don’t even see the Jenner sisters this week, though at one point, Khloe and Malika visit Kylie’s backyard to check out her inconceivably pristine chicken coop.

Filling 45 minutes with the sisters’ various work and home errands is ambitious, but some things never change: The family can be relied upon to fill even the fluffiest narratives with comedic details or unexpected nuances. Here are three things that kept me up after watching the second episode of The Kardashians.

Kravis PDA Strikes Again

At some point, Keeping Up With the Kardashians began to spontaneously cosplay as other reality show categories. Episodes themed around home makeovers or sports competitions became an occasional gimmick, and this method of mild genre-bending is unlikely to end with The Kardashians.

Early in the episode, Kourtney and Travis tour a beautiful 1934 Bel Air mansion led by a luxury realtor identified only as Tomer. The cameras rest on the breezy bow windows and opulent chandeliers so that we, the viewers, can vicariously enjoy what Kourtney proclaims to be “Old Hollywood, Frank Sinatra vibes.” After picking out the bedrooms for their kids (painting a possible picture of reality TV’s next big blended family?), the lovebirds amble out to the backyard and promptly plop into lounge chairs. Time for the regularly scheduled Kravis kissing break! Tomer, who’d trailed after them, watches haplessly for a minute before taking himself back inside. The moment is just asking to be meme’d.

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“Kissing and hugging,” Kourtney says, in her confessional, “is not a bad thing.” She’s not wrong. Kravis approaches the honeymoon phase as though it’s a lifestyle, without any hint of irony or self-consciousness. Their sincerity is what makes them so funny. It’s also what makes their public image—PDA as a brand—so potent.

Khloe and Kris as a Dynamic Duo

Kris is the tender matriarch trussing all the separated sisters as everyone moves through their respective storylines: Offering packing help as Kim preps for New York, counseling Kourtney on her IVF frustration, providing Khloe with moral support. In general, this time around, Kris is characterized with more warmth and less KUWTK camp. Khloe’s main narrative is the scrutiny she’s faced online.

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