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TEEN Mom star Vee Rivera sobbed during a recent episode of her podcast, recalling a terrifying dream set in her childhood home.

the reality star revealed “trauma” that she and her sister suffered inside the home as she detailed her nightmare.


Teen Mom star Vee Rivera broke down in tears over a nightmare about her familyCredit: Instagram/Vee Rivera
The reality star shared the sad story on her podcast, Vibin' and Kinda Thrivin'


The reality star shared the sad story on her podcast, Vibin’ and Kinda Thrivin’Credit: Instagram

During Monday’s new episode of Vibin’ and Kinda Thrivin’, Vee and cohost Alessandra Gonzalez talked about a wide range of topics, including the MTV star’s scary dreams.

Vee revealed on the show that she had been having a recurring nightmare set in the New York City apartment she was raised in.

She told her cohost and listeners that the dream was set in one room, adding that “something kept pulling me back.”

The mom of one went on: “I kept saying to myself, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to die. I’m going to die.’ … It felt very demonic, like something grabbing me to hurt me and take me somewhere.”

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The reality TV personality said she was considering talking to her therapist about the dream, explaining: “I don’t know if it’s something, like, I need closure with or if I’m actually just now as an adult coming to terms with the fact that I went through trauma then and I never dealt with that.”

As the episode continued, her voice began to shake.

She confessed: “I’m just getting teary-eyed and emotional because I have been going through a lot of like emotional things as far as like my family. And I have been feeling like really disconnected and like, you know, like what am I doing to like strengthen that bond even though I’m so far.

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“It’s always a struggle and it’s like something I have to deal with for as long as – however [long] I’m going to be away from them and that’s always something that you know, anyone who has moved away from [their] family I’m sure can relate to.”

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After discussing it further with her costar, Vee concluded: “Now that I think about it, yeah, like in the dream, you know, that specific part where I’m like yelling at them or trying to call out to them, that makes a lot of sense because it’s like the guilt.

“You know, the guilt of feeling like I’m leaving them behind or you know, I’m not there as often as I want to be so that truly could be it.”

Vee previously shocked fans with a big reveal about her family.


During an earlier episode of her podcast, Vee shared with listeners that she’s done having children.

She and husband Jo Rivera have a daughter- ViVi Rivera – and the podcaster helps to raise his son Isaac, whom he shares with Kailyn Lowry.

The reveal came after Vee accidentally blurted out that she “likes getting pregnant.”

She was quick to retract and even appeared confused.

She said: “‘I like getting pregnant’ – I do not like getting pregnant, what the f**k. I like getting ready by myself.”

Allessandra, her co-host, replied: “What was that?”

Vee explained: “I have no idea. I think I was reading something that’s on my screen right now. It’s in the back.”

She then revealed that her extended family has been hoping that she will get pregnant again, sharing with listeners that they thought she was announcing a pregnancy when she announced the news that she and Jo bought a new house.

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The Teen Mom 2 star said on the podcast: “They immediately thought I was pregnant, I was like, can you all get that out of your f**king mind, it’s never gonna happen.

“Not happening, not interested, not a thing over here.”

She then shared an anecdote about a dream she had that her sister was expecting, which she’s not.

Vee said on the podcast: “Pregnancy dreams usually mean like new beginnings…someone around us could still probably be pregnant, who knows?”

Vee’s news comes amid rumors that she was expecting another child in 2021.


She was quick to shut down the chatter, though.

Vee said at the time: “I keep getting DMs of people telling me that I’m pregnant, which is news to me.”

She insisted she’s “not” pregnant, adding: “I don’t want to have another baby, so stop telling me I’m pregnant. It’s not true.

“If it doesn’t come out of my mouth, stop listening to stupid click bait articles.”

The MTV star slammed the rumors as “dumb” before adding: “I’m in here trying to get in the best shape of my life and y’all talking about I’m having a baby.”

Vee later asked Jo, 29, what he thought about the rumor that she’s pregnant.

Jo responded: “She’s a little pregnant. Listen, I ain’t that good. I got lucky twice.”

After cracking a few jokes about their lacking sex life, Jo assured fans: “She ain’t pregnant and if she is it ain’t mine.”

Meanwhile, rumors are swirling that Kailyn is pregnant with her fifth child.

In addition to sharing Isaac with Jo, the Pennsylvania native is mom to son Lincoln, whom she shares with Javi Marroquin and sons Lux and Creed, whom she shares with ex Chris Lopez.

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She is currently dating Elijah Scott and rumors have swirled that the pair are expecting.

On a recent installment of her Barely Famous podcast, Kailyn addressed the rumors.

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She responded to a fan question about future children.

The reality star said: “I don’t know, but I want to get my tubes tied. I guess whatever happens first…I would like to get my tubes tied this year, actually.”

Vee previously shocked fans with details about her future having kids


Vee previously shocked fans with details about her future having kidsCredit: Vee Rivera/Instagram
The reality star told listeners that she will not be having more kids


The reality star told listeners that she will not be having more kidsCredit: Instagram / Vee Rivera
She confirmed the news amid speculation that she's pregnant again


She confirmed the news amid speculation that she’s pregnant againCredit: Vee Rivera/Instagram

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