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TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry has fans thinking she is pregnant with her fifth child after she drops another clue.

The mother-of-three recently debuted her new boyfriend, Elijah Scott, 23.


Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry fans think she dropped another pregnancy clue
Kailyn Lowry covers her tummy as fans continue to think she's pregnant


Kailyn Lowry covers her tummy as fans continue to think she’s pregnant

Kailyn, who has several podcasts and now owns a whole podcast network, is pictured in a photo on Instagram with co-host with Lindsie Chrisley for their Coffee Convos Podcast.

The two pose under a neon sign that reads, “The show must go on.”

In a second photo in the series, the Teen Mom 2 star and former Chrisley Knows Best star pose on top of a couch holding microphones.

Kail is seen wearing a tan, loose-fitting button down shirt and black ripped jeans.

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Fans were quick to pick up on her choice of attire, noticing that her arm in the second photo slightly conceals her stomach as she leans forward.


The new Instagram photos come after Kailyn recently posted a screenshot of her Google search, which read, “symbolism of snake.”

And according to the search, a serpent represents fertility and rebirth.

The description went on to say that a snake could mean a creative life force, transformation, immortality, and healing.

Fans on Reddit were quick to jump to conclusions.

“Oh f**k, here we go. [Kailyn] found a snake so that automatically means fertility. Baby daddy #4?” the Reddit user captioned the thread.

Fans reacted to the news of a possible pregnancy.

“I swear to God if this bish has another kid while I sit here with my cats I’m gonna LOSE IT,” wrote one user.

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“Is she announcing #5?” another wondered.

Fans also noticed she covered her stomach with a football jersey while posing with son Lincoln, eight, in a sweet photo.

She shared photos concealing her stomach as she supported her son Lincoln at his football game.

The MTV star also posted a series of videos to her Instagram stories promoting personalized vitamins.

he told fans how she took an online quiz to “update her health goals” and to figure out her needs.

Kailyn was then sent the daily vitamins and revealed Elijah also took the test.

“My health goals were different than my boyfriend’s,” Kailyn explained holding up their different packets of pills.

“So he has different vitamins and he’s been doing this for a couple of months too.”

The reality TV star then shared a photo of her dinner which included a big bowl of meaty mac ‘n’ cheese with a slice of garlic bread.

“IYKYK [if you know, you know],” she captioned the Story and tagged her friend Tasia Alexis.

Tasia then shared the photo to her own Instagram Stories adding the caption, “period”, alongside a series of crying/laughing emojis.

Kailyn’s “updated health needs” and the hearty meal fueled rumors among fans that she’s expecting her fifth baby.


The Teen Mom 2 alum, was recently asked about expanding her brood during an appearance on another podcast, Love & Order.

Kailyn said: “Ah, I don’t know. Like the idea of starting over. My youngest [son, Creed] is about to be two.

“I had a really hard time bonding with him – like the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy.

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“Now we are so close, we cuddle. To think about starting over, I don’t know…”

The MTV alum then added: “But my boyfriend doesn’t have kids of his own so it could go either way.”

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She also addressed how quickly her romance with her neighbor Elijah, 23, has progressed.

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“We’ve only been together like three months. It happened pretty quickly, I will admit that,” the reality star said.

Kailyn conceals her belly while holding up a jersey


Kailyn conceals her belly while holding up a jersey
Kailyn admitted her new relationship with Elijah progressed quickly


Kailyn admitted her new relationship with Elijah progressed quickly
Kailyn is mom to four boys


Kailyn is mom to four boys

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