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TEEN Mom fans have revealed they think Kailyn Lowry has a favorite child after she gushed over one son and appeared to snub the others.

Recently, the mother-of-four opened up about a conversation with her eldest child, Isaac, 12, where she apologized to him for joining the show.


Kailyn Lowry with her sons Isaac Rivera, Lincoln Marroquin, Lux Lowry, and Creed LowryCredit: Kailyn Lowry/Instagram
Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry has an Instagram Highlight feed dedicated to only one of her sons


Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry has an Instagram Highlight feed dedicated to only one of her sonsCredit: MTV

On a Teen Mom Reddit board, a fan brought attention to an interesting detail on Kailyn, 30, Instagram.

When examining the podcaster’s Instagram Highlights, of her four sons, Lux, four, is the only one to have a dedicated Highlight feed.

Titled, Life of Lux, the collection of Instagram Stories exclusively shows content about Kailyn’s first child with her ex Chris Lopez, 28.

The Redditor captioned the post: “Lux is [Kail‘s] only child who has his own Instagram highlight…considering how much the internet means to her it has to be a big deal, right?”

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More Teen Mom fans rushed to the post’s comment thread to give their take on the favorite child theory.

One person commented: “[Lux] has always been her fav.”

A second fan considered an alternative: “I think it was more to boast that she’s one of Chris’s baby mamas.”

Another Redditor agreed, writing: “Because she’s obsessed with a Chris.”

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One fan wrote about the subject in length, commenting: “It’s so sad how she makes sure to let the world know that Lux is her golden child.”

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They continued: “Poor Creed is just forgotten about and Issac and Lincoln are just there…I couldn’t imagine living in that house and seeing the favoritism all day, every day. My heart breaks for Issac, Lincoln, and Creed, but also Lux. [As] it will cause riffs with his brothers.”

Kailyn Lowry's 'Life of Lux' Instagram Highlight feed


Kailyn Lowry’s ‘Life of Lux’ Instagram Highlight feedCredit: Instagram/Kailyn Lowry

Another commenter concurred with the sentiment, writing: “I feel so bad for Creed. Lux and [Creed] are full siblings and she’s indifferent to him.

A third fan provided reasoning for the favoritism, commenting: “That’s because he is her [exotic-looking] child,” with an eye roll emoji.

“Lux is absolutely her favorite because she is obsessed with having a black child…she really does want and cares about the “aesthetic” (her word choice) of having a black child, added a fourth Redditor.

“Yes this, this is why she favors him 100%”, wrote a vindicated fan as another chimed, “He’s her ‘aesthetic’ child.”


The “aesthetic” fans keep referring to is based on a comment Kailyn made regarding the news of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s second child.

One Twitter user’s comment about the pregnancy caught Kailyn’s attention, prompting her to enter the conversation.

The tweet read: “The Kardashians’ obsession with having all their children have the same father despite the father’s ability to be a good partner is so perplexing to me.”

Kailyn responded with her theory of why Khloe decided to expand her family with Tristan, despite his unfaithful past.

She tweeted: “I think it’s about the genes/genetics and the aesthetic but that’s just my opinion.”

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Back on the Reddit thread, another fan mentioned a recent apology Kailyn made and their opinion that no child needs that much exposure.

“Didn’t she just ‘apologize’ to Isaac for doing Teen Mom and putting him in the public eye so much? There’s no reason a child needs to be so prevalent on [Instagram] in any capacity.”


After 11 years on the MTV reality series, Kailyn disclosed to fans a conversation she had with her eldest child, Isaac, where she apologized to him for joining the show.

The Teen Mom 2 alum has since gotten candid about her role on the long-running series and what she wishes she had done differently upon joining the cast.

During the July 5 installment of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, the 30-year-old claimed that she expressed her regrets to her pre-teen son.

“I had a conversation with Isaac just the other day before we went camping, and I said, ‘Your dad and I did not know what we were getting ourselves into,'” Kailyn told her co-host Vee Rivera and Vee’s husband Jo, who appeared as a guest on the podcast.

Jo is also Isaac’s father, as he and Kailyn welcomed the 12-year-old when they were teenagers.

She continued: “I told him that to his face. I said, ‘I am sorry. I would have never done this had I known the effect it was going to have 13 years later.'”

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The MTV alum admitted that her financial struggles at the time motivated her to pursue the opportunity, but she did not expect the show’s massive success over a decade later.

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Kailyn and Jo agreed that they would like to shield their son – who has spent his entire life in front of the cameras – from the public eye going forward.

Kailyn Lowry's boys; Isaac, 12, Lincoln, eight, Lux, four, and Creed, one


Kailyn Lowry’s boys; Isaac, 12, Lincoln, eight, Lux, four, and Creed, oneCredit: Instagram
Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry with Lux's dad Chris Lopez


Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry with Lux’s dad Chris LopezCredit: Anthony Serrantonio
Kailyn Lowry with her son Lux


Kailyn Lowry with her son LuxCredit: Instagram/Kailyn Lowry

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