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KAILYN Lowry has admitted to a bad cooking habit leaving fans shocked by her parenting skills.

The Teen Mom 2 star also recently raised controversy when revealing that her boyfriend of just a few months had moved in.


Kailyn admitted she eats food that’s been left on the counter for three or four daysCredit: Instagram
Fans shared concerns for her four young sons


Fans shared concerns for her four young sonsCredit: Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Now Kailyn, 30, has enraged fans after confessing that she eats food that’s been left on the counter for three or four days.

The reality star discussed the topic on her Barely Famous podcast when she answered some questions sent in by followers.

After one asked about a “bad habit” that she has, she replied: “It’s really gross, and people around me know that I do this but I will eat food that’s been out for like three or four days.

“I just don’t give a f**k and that’s on survival from my childhood, um when I would walk down to my aunt and uncle’s house cause I was starving.

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Kailyn continued: “My mom didn’t really keep food in the house at that time, so I will just eat food.

“Like I don’t care if the spaghetti and the spaghetti sauce have been out all f**king week, I will eat it.”

She added: “And I get upset especially with spaghetti because I feel like you just f**king heat it up and the germs will go away.”


But fans were not amused, as they raced to Reddit to slam the TV personality for what they called a “bad parenting move.”

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“Where I live, food left on the counter for 3 or 4 days would definitely be moldy or, in the summertime, would have maggots in it. I will eat leftovers that have been in the FRIDGE up to 3 days if it’s reheated well,” one scolded.

“Yes, cooking the food may kill bacteria but… omg I just can’t Kail. That makes me worried about what unsafe foods she might be feeding the kids.”

“They eat rotten food?” a second asked in shock.

A third ranted: “She is eating food left out for 3 or 4 DAYS???? I feel weird eating seconds of dinner that was left out for 3 or 4 HOURS. Somebody call the police.”

“Now we know why Kail always has bubble guts!!” another joked, while a fifth scathed: “Wait why is no one talking about this filthy habit she has of leaving food out and then STILL EATING IT AFTER 4 DAYS!!!!

“You know she hits that stuff up for the kids too — kills germs? tomato sauce rots and can be poisonous wtf.”

A final noted: “A child died a few years back where I live because the parent fed it days old spaghetti – to make matters worse it was a sick form of punishment to make the kid sick.”


This wasn’t the first time Kailyn was reamed for her parenting skills, and earlier this week she sparked criticism from fans after revealing her new boyfriend, Elijah Scott, moved in with her.

The MTV star and her 24-year-old beau took a big step in their whirlwind romance after a few months of dating.

On Tuesday’s installment of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, the reality star opened up to her co-host Vee Rivera and her first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, who appeared as a guest, about her new living situation.

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“This just happened the way it happened… it was like why are we paying two mortgages?” Kailyn explained.

Elijah lived next door to Kailyn’s $750K Delaware mansion, as she previously referred to him as “hot neighbor” before going public with their relationship.

Followers of the MTV alum suspected the couple was living under the same roof, given her frequent social media posts of her beau at the house.

During last week’s episode, Kailyn also revealed that Elijah had rented his home to a friend, though she hadn’t confirmed his new address.

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Fans were wary of the TV star’s decision and its effect on her four children: Isaac, 12; Lincoln, eight; Lux, four; and Creed, one.

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An online thread branded Kailyn as “reckless” for allowing her boyfriend to move in soon after they began dating.

Kailyn revealed that Elijah moved in after only a few months of dating


Kailyn revealed that Elijah moved in after only a few months of datingCredit: Instagram
The 24-year-old was previously her neighbor


The 24-year-old was previously her neighbor
Fans ripped Kailyn as a 'reckless' parent


Fans ripped Kailyn as a ‘reckless’ parent

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