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TEEN Mom fans are convinced Kailyn Lowry’s bizarre new outfit is a clue that she’s pregnant with her fifth child.

Fans have continued to speculate that Kailyn, 30, is pregnant again with many spotting clues supporting rumors that she is.


Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry with sons Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and CreedCredit: Instagram
Fans believe Kailyn Lowry gave another hint she's pregnant with her summer choice of attire


Fans believe Kailyn Lowry gave another hint she’s pregnant with her summer choice of attireCredit: Instagram

The Teen Mom 2 alum posted yet another video that gave the implication the mother of four might be expecting a fifth.

Kailyn shares her oldest son, Isaac, 12, with her ex-fiance Jo Rivera, Lincoln, eight, with Javi Marroquin, and Lux, five, and Creed, two, with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

In the video, Kailyn explains how she was attempting to do a “get ready with me” tutorial before her Instagram Reel ended and left her with unfinished makeup.

Fans noticed that even though it appeared to be a hot Deleware summer day, the former Teen Mom covered herself with baggy winterwear.

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Which, of course, caused speculation that the podcaster was attempting to cover her belly with the oversized top.

Recently, Kailyn added fuel to the rumors she’s pregnant when she appeared to deliberately hide her stomach in another video with her sons.


The MTV alum filmed herself playing with her four sons.

Kailyn, who was wearing a white tank, turned the camera to herself at one point but made sure to keep the lens at her face and neck.

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Teen Mom fans have been speculating for weeks that she is pregnant again and have picked up on a series of “clues”.

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Kailyn was caught covering her stomach again, this time with a bowling ball held right in front in a photo with her podcast co-host Lindsie Chrisley.

She wore a purple T-shirt and black jeans, while Lindsie stood behind her with her arms wrapped around the reality star.

The TV personality hid her possible baby bump behind the bowling ball.

Kailyn has even admitted to cutting out coffee several months ago.

Pregnant women are advised to limit their caffeine intake as even trace amounts can harm the development of a baby.

Fans have also picked up on Kailyn’s seemingly puffy face in her recent videos and that she appears to be hiding her stomach in baggy clothes.


Kailyn shared a TikTok video of herself with two of her sons, Lincon and Lux, where her appearance further added to the theories.

Captioned, “when the trolls watch me harder than they watch their own kids”, the TikTok features a selfie video of Kailyn jokingly responding to her critics.

She lipsyncs, with Lincoln’s assistance, “Hmm funny. Yes but not funny HAHA, funny weird.”

It was during the video that some of those same eagle-eyed, critical fans noticed something different about the former MTV star’s face.

A screengrab of the recording was posted to a popular Teen Mom dedicated Reddit board, where fans weighed in on the new detail.

One person commented: “She got that pregnancy puffiness to her face!”

Another Redditor wrote: “Her swelling is of someone who’s 8+ months pregnant”

While a third fan added: “When I see Kail’s face, it reminds me of being 9 months pregnant in the summer. All puffy and bloated, kinda looks like the swelling hurts a little.”

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Kailyn posted another video to her preferred social media platform on Tuesday that showed her ex, Javi Marroquin, packing for a trip.

Fans again insisted her face looked swollen in the clip, which happens to be one of the tell-tale signs of pregnancy.

A Redditor reposted the video on the Teen Mom forum where other users pointed out that the reality TV star could be pregnant.

“Her face is swollen,” wrote one fan, to which another replied: “She’s pregnant.”

The initial commenter replied: “Oh yeah. But she looks very plastic. Her cheekbones look stiff. Her lips look really swollen.”

More fans noticed that she was swollen as well.

“Is she pregnant?” asked one Redditor.

Another fan answered, “She sorta has pregnancy face…. Which, unless you lived/seen it 1st hand you may not know that’s a thing.”

Someone else agreed, adding “The shine. The puff. The continuous haze of sweat that lingers for the next five years. The breakouts. The cystic acne.”

While some fans said that her face also looks greasy, one fan pointed out that her nose looks wider.

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“D**n. She is swollen,” said another.

A social media user replied, “It’s the pregnancy.”

Kailyn Lowry hid her stomach in a recent TikTok


Kailyn Lowry hid her stomach in a recent TikTokCredit: TikTok/kaillowry
Teen Mom fans believe Kailyn also used her youngest boys to hide her stomach in a photo


Teen Mom fans believe Kailyn also used her youngest boys to hide her stomach in a photoCredit: Instagram/kaillowry
Kailyn Lowry with her new boyfriend Elijah Scott


Kailyn Lowry with her new boyfriend Elijah ScottCredit: Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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