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As I was headed home from the game today,  I listened to the recap of the radio broadcast and the stats were worse than I thought.  A little voice in my head just kept saying “It’s just Baseball”.   This just reminded me of other cliches like what goes up must come down or the bigger they are the harder they fall.  

Since the previous two days were so big for Texas Tech, chances were high for them to have a tough ride on day 3 of the series.   The saying that it is just baseball is very true.   Today just seemed like everything that went wrong for the Longhorns the last two days went right today.    The Longhorns had 32 hits on Friday and Saturday but they also stranded 24 base runners.   Texas Tech played a big part in those stranded with their defense and pitchers getting themselves out of jams.

Texas continued the hitting today and they did it in a more timely and urgent manner that put runs on the board.  While todays 12-1 loss was bad, Texas Tech can learn a great deal from this weekend and put the experience to good use.  Tech will probably not face another team that hits the ball as well as Texas.   Their bats were scorching hot and Tech barely slowed them early today.  Tech did finally managed to slow Ivan Melendez who only had one hit today.  For our Red Raiders it was a rough game today but the previous two wins were magical and did far more for this team than today’s loss hurt them.

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With the schedule ahead, it is good that Tech got this series win against Texas this early in the season.   Texas will be difficult to beat moving forward.    The experience that Tech gained this weekend will make Tech much more difficult to beat. 

Finally,  Texas Tech was missing one of its better mid game pitchers in Brendon Girton.  This series will give Tech some valuable experience against good hitters and help Tadlock and company establish a better rotation moving forward.  

Tech next faces Stephen F Austin on Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

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