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Suki Waterhouse – ‘Wild Side’

Carla Bruni did it back in 2002; now Suki Waterhouse is at it too. The English model and actress entered the world of fashion at the age of 16, but as she says goodbye to her 20s, Waterhouse has decided to start a new chapter. Ahead of the release of her debut album I Can’t Let Go on May 6th, Waterhouse has revealed the new single ‘Wild Side‘, which, while undeniably syrupy, is proof of her ability to craft scintillating melodies with ease.

Backed by strummed acoustic guitar and sauntering drums, Waterhouse recalls her past relationships with a hefty dose of adolescent nostalgia. While she seems to recognise why they failed, she also accepts that they were essential and formative. Opening up about the track, Waterhouse explained: “‘Wild Side’ is about recognising each other’s past, the beauty and the fear that comes in reminiscing about who you used to love,” she exaplained.

The greatest strength of ‘Wild Side’ is its finely-honed melodies. While lines such as: “When you got that ex who’s crazy, they’re always running through your mind / remember when we had a wild side?” are riddled with pop cliche, there’s a real sense of craftsmanship in the way they flow into the next verse.

Rather ironically, it would seem that Waterhouse has been a little risk-averse with ‘Wild Side’. The strength of her songcraft certainly shines through but is let down by a play-it-safe attitude that is most apparent in her sentimental acoustic backing track.

A well-written song such as this can endure all manner of sonic experimentation, but Waterhouse’s lack of invention means that ‘Wild Side’ ends up sounding like a pale imitation of some Mazzy Star track from the mid-90s. The lack of individuality here is at once frustrating and unsurprising.

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Suki Waterhouse will embark on a tour with Father John Misty from July to October this year, Tickets are currently available here. In May, she’ll head off on a headline tour, with dates in Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

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