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There are endless numbers of mods for the now ten-year old Skyrim, but these are the best graphics mods for upgrading the game to 2022 standards.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released ten years ago this month, so players who want to jump back into the game with a better quality graphics mod have many options. Even without graphics mods, Skyrim is an incredibly beautiful game. From its snowy peaks to the forested wilderness, Dwarven ruins to the mysterious Blackreach, players have been captivated by Skyrim’s beauty for a decade.

However, there’s no debate that the graphics have not aged as well as the game itself. Over the years, fervent Skyrim fans have created mods to update the game’s graphics so that they can enjoy the classic Skyrim but with modern graphics that rival some of the most beautiful games available on the market.


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Of all the Skyrim mods, a handful stand out as the best graphics mods for 2022. Both console and PC users can mod Skyrim. However, it is important for players to remember that these are all third-party mods, so PC users should read all installation instructions and use a Mod Manager to download Skyrim mods safely. Typically, if a mod is available on consoles, players only need to download and install them directly into the game.

The Best Mods To Use in Skyrim (2022)

Skyrim Best Graphics Mods 2022

If players are only looking for one Mod to revamp the vanilla graphics, it needs to be the eVx ENB Skyrim mod. It’s available to download on Nexus Mods. eVx ENB does more than just enhance the natural beauty of Skyrim; it completely updates water textures, skin textures, weather systems, and more to give players an immersive experience. It’s the best Mod for bringing 2022 gaming environmental beauty to Skyrim.

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The Best Mod To Improve Textures in Skyrim

Skyrim Best Graphics Mods 2022 Skyland AIO

The Skyland AIO, or All in One, Mod, brings some much-needed texture to the northern realms. Skyland AIO completely overhauls the texture pack from environments and holds to Skyrim’s Standing Stones and mines. It’s an extremely large file compared to eVx ENB, though, coming in at almost a Gigabyte. However, for players looking for the best graphics upgrades, the Skyland AIO mod found on Nexus Mods is one of the best.

The Best Realistic Northern Grasses Mod For Skyrim

Skyrim Best Graphics Mods 2022 Northern Grass

The Northern Grass mod for Skyrim adds more vibrance and detail to the landscape beyond changing the texture pack. Northern Grass aims to bring more variety and color to the world through immersion and realism, bringing in more plant life and wild grasses native to northern climates. The grasses are also more responsive to weather changes, like a wind blowing softly through the fields. Players looking for deeper environmental immersion should consider Northern Grass, also available at Nexus Mods.

Best Static Mesh Mod For Skyrim

Skyrim Best Graphics Mods 2022 Static Mesh Improvement

Finally, the last of the top graphics mods for Skyrim in 2022 is the Static Mesh Improvement Mod. This Mod updates a bunch of Skyrim’s 3D models to make them fit better with modern graphics, giving players an immersive and beautiful experience. Some of the changes are subtle, like how woodgrain textures look on tables, but all of those subtle changes add to the beautiful new skin for Skyrim.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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