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Shaquille O’Neal boasts a mind-boggling net worth – despite having revealed several crazy spending habits through the years.

The NBA legend became one of the richest sports stars in the world during his illustrious career.

He is said to have earned roughly $300million (£223m) from his contracts, and with a whole host of sponsorship deals over the past few decades, his net worth is now around $400million (£298m), as per celebritynetworth.

However, Shaq could’ve been much worse off if he hadn’t changed his ways from when he first became a professional.

“After signing my first sponsorship agreement I spent one million dollars in one hour on several luxury cars, jewellery and a trip to Las Vegas,” he recalled on Black Entrepreneur Day.

Shaquille O’Neal has burned through a massive pile of cash over the years

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A meeting with his concerned bank manager followed.

“He warned me that I would be ruined if I kept spending like a madman, because I didn’t account for things like income tax and so on,” Shaq added.

While he may not have splashed the cash like that again, a trip to a Rolls Royce dealership with Mike Tyson went close to matching it.

After Tyson had bought three of the luxury vehicles, Shaq spent $600k (£447,000) on two of his own.

What is Shaq’s craziest purchase? Let us know in the comments section.

Shaquille O'Neal's trip to a Rolls Royce dealership was made more expensive than he had initially planned

A pair of Rolls Royce cars is one of many insane purchases Shaq has made

That earned him another warning about his spending habits, this time from from business manager Lester Knispel.

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It seems the financial advice he received did start to sink in as he progressed through his career – but he still had money to burn.

So when he was drafted to Phoenix Suns in 2008 and arrived to an empty apartment, Shaq made what has been described as the biggest purchase in Walmart history.

He said on The Late Late Show with James Corden: “I get traded from Miami to Phoenix, and I’m the type of guy [that] I have no patience.


The NBA legend has every reason to be smiling with his net worth

“Two or three in the morning, I gotta go get four or five TVs, I gotta go get printers, I gotta go get laptops. I gotta go get sheets, towels, underwear, t-shirts.

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“So at the end it was $70,000.”

The bill was so high that the bank once again called him, this time thinking someone had stolen his credit card.

He may now be 49 years old, but Shaq’s tendency to empty his wallet is still very much alive.

He told the Wall Street Journal in 2014 that he spends $1000 every week on apps, and for his 46th birthday he sent balloons into the sky with $500 tied to them.

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