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Several area scholarships have been awarded recently to qualifying students.

Minnesota North College and the Mesabi Range Campus Foundation announced the following scholarship recipients for the 2022-2023 academic year. These scholarships total more than $98,000.

• American Association of University Women— Rowlanda Comes Flying
• Andrew Lang Memorial—Nick Peters
• ArcelorMittal Minorca Mine—Abigail Lauer
• Archie Hill Memorial—Destiny Zaren
• Artisan—Joseph Lessin
• Barb Garni Memorial—Jennifer Osufsen
• Bill and Joan Wirtanen Memorial—Jacob
Majerle and Kevin Rahe
• Carl G. Carlson Memorial—Landan Adams and Chandler Davidson
• Dan and Yvonne Webb Engineering—
Ashley Aho, Avery Enochson, Alyssa Fena,
Ayla Isaacson, Trevor Mattson, Katherine
Scherf, Dane Sepin, and Wyatt Thorson
• Dave Stillman Memorial—Aundreus
• Dr. George Erickson and Emil Erickson
Memorial Scholarship—Avery Enochson,
Alyssa Fena, and Abigail Lauer
• Eino Kopponen Memorial—Brandon Lind
• Emily and Joseph Kraker Memorial—
Kylee Huusko
• Eveleth Elks/Cruise Eveleth—Alex Yrjanson • Gene F. Kishel M.D. and Brynhild Kishel
Engineering—Ashley Aho and Alyssa Fena
• Herschel “Pepper” Lysaker Memorial—
Wyatt Thorson
• Jeremy Carpenter Memorial—Iain Agee
• Jeremy Jindra Memorial Scholarship—
Jaxon Germain, Kaelynn Kudis, and Jennifer Osufsen
• Joanne Lindgren Memorial—Alexis
• Joe Kraker Jr. Memorial Engineering—
Kristchan Lenarz
• Joseph J. Rebovich Memorial—Brandon
• Louanne Picek Memorial—Cameron
• Marian E. Haij Memorial—Alexis Dobson
• Marjorie Bangs-Schmitt—Abigail Lauer
• Matt Rozinka Memorial—Alexis Dobson
• Megan Ashley Anderson Memorial—Caleb Hill
• Mesabi Range College Foundation—Jacob Majerle
• MRC Faculty/Staff—Kevin Rahe
• Rainy River Recovery—Jacklyn Plesha
• Ray Garni Memorial—Abigail Lauer
• Rod and Jackie Ogrezovich—Sarah Voss
• Roy Carlson Honor—Elijah Johnson and
De’Corey Eason
• Ruth Kanianen and Bob Clark Journalism/
Education—Hannah Anderson
• The Johnson Family—Lauren Lautigar
• The LaMarche Creek Foundation—Anna
Fink Carter Flannigan
• The Lassila Family Memorial—Alexander

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• Tom Rukavina Engineering—Trevor
• Tony and Joyce Nigro Education—Diego
Christianson and Marilynn Pagel
• Trenti Law Firm—Mark Blount
• Twin Cities Iron Ranger—Rowlanda
Comes Flying, Kylee Huusko, and Destiny
• Virginia Lions Club—Jacob McCarthy
• Virginia Rotary Club—Alex Yrjanson
• Virginia Women of Today—Jacklyn
• Walfred A. Bodas Memorial—Durand
• Walker, Giroux, and Hahne—Cameron

The Mesabi Range Campus Foundation’s mission is to Minnesota North College and the work it does to provide an extraordinary education to the students at two campuses, Minnesota North College-Mesabi Range Eveleth and Minnesota North College-Mesabi Range Virginia.

To join the Minnesota North College culture of philanthropy by donating to one of five campus-based foundations to support students on our campuses, visit or email the executive director of advancement at [email protected]

Mesabi Range Alumni Association scholarships

The Mesabi Range Alumni Association announced awards totaling more than $20,000 in scholarships to Mesabi students for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The recipients include:

• Entering Freshman Scholarship—Alexander Atkinson from Provo, Utah
• Trade/Craft Scholarship—Landan
Adams, Bertha, Minnesota; and Caden
Renzaglia, Mountain Iron
• F.B. Moe Scholarship—Caleb Hill, Meadowlands • William Monat Scholarship—Nick Peters,
Britt; and Cameron Tibbetts, Cleveland,
• Pat and Babs Dimberio Memorial Scholarship— Kylee Huusko, Hibbing
• Margaret Marvin Memorial Scholarship—
Diego Christianson, International Falls; and
KeMari Anderson, Detroit
• VJC/Judie Kauchick Payback Scholarship— William Bittman, Iron

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The Alumni Association Board of Directors will meet with these students after classes begin this fall.

Scholarships are awarded through donations from anyone who ever attended classes at the Virginia or Eveleth campuses and from others interested in providing assistance to qualified Minnesota North College-Mesabi Range students. Donations are welcome at any time and may be directed to the Alumni Association at the college.

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