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While some celebrities prefer to keep their children away from public view, others do not mind if their children share their spotlight. Over the years, Black celebrities have had children that went on to become just as famous and successful as their parents. Seven Sirius Benjamin seems to be on that that avoided the spotlight even though he has two famous parents.


Steven Sirius Benjamin: Born to Legends

Seven Sirius Benjamin is the child of two legends, Erykah Badu and Andre 3000. He is the only child of both his parents but he has two step-siblings.

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born and raised in Texas. He was born on November 18th, 1997.

Erykah got pregnant at the peak of both her and Andre’s careers, which made the decision to have the baby a not so easy one. It’s something that Andre mentioned in an interview with The New YorkerHe said, “Me and Erykah actually had to sit down and figure if we were going to keep this child.”

Eventually, Erykah and Andre decided to have Seven Sirius Benjamin. 


Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu was born as Erica Abi Wright. This 51-year-old star is the mother of 24-year-old Seven Sirius Benjamin. She is a singer, songwriter, producer, and actress. 

Erykah Badu is sometimes called the “Queen of Neo Soul’’. She started dating Andre 3000 in 1995. After having Seven in 1997, the couple parted ways in 1999. However, they still have an amicable relationship with each other. As a matter of fact, in an interview, she described Andre 3000 as one of her best friends.

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Erykah Badu traced her ancestry in 2014. She discovered that her maternal ancestry is a mix of West and Central Africa. Aside from Seven Sirius Benjamin, she has two other children.

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Andre 3000

Popular rapper Andre Lauren Benjamin a.k.a Andre 3000 is Seven Sirius Benjamin’s father. Andre 3000 is not only a rapper but also a singer, songwriter, producer, and actor. 

It is evident that he and Erykah Badu have similar career interests. Another thing they share in common is that they are both vegans. No wonder they were able to stay a couple for 5 years. 

Andre was born on May 27, 1975.  He was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. His father was a collections agent while his mother was a real estate agent. Andre 3000 seems to have a close relationship with his son, who many have described as his carbon copy. 



Seven Sirius Benjamin is the only child of Andre 3000. However, he has two younger step-siblings from his mother’s relationship with two other men. 

Puma Sabti Curry is his mother’s second child.  She was born almost six years after  Seven Sirius Benjamin. The two seem to have a close bond. 

In 2019, Erykah shared a short video of Puma singing at a school talent show. The video was so good that Alicia Keys reposted it on her TikTok. I guess it’s safe to say that talent runs in the family.

Seven Sirius Benjamin has a second step sibling named Mars. Mars was born in 2009. She is not as well known as her two older siblings. However, we have seen a few pictures of Mars on her mother’s Instagram.

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Steven Sirius Benjamin’s Private Life

Steven was homeschooled up until the first grade. When he was 19 years old, his mother tweeted that he got accepted into four colleges. 

No one knows the name of the colleges that accepted the young man. However, his mother has revealed that he studied Botany in an unnamed American college.  This is the most we know about his educational background.

Seven Sirius Benjamin does not have much of a social media presence. However, we still get to see bits and pieces of him on social media because his parents share posts of him from time to time. 

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One of such times was when his mother shared a video of him driving next to her as they listened to a Lil Yatchy song.  Another time was when his mother shared a father’s day picture of herself, Andre 3000, and Seven. 


Steven Sirius Benjamin’s Net Worth

Being the child of two iconic entertainers, one can’t help but wonder what Seven Sirius Benjamin’s net worth is. Well, not much is known about Seven’s net worth. What we do know is his parent’s net worth. 

His father’s net worth is about $35 million while his mother’s net worth is over $10 million. One thing we can say for sure is that Seven comes from money.

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