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Seo In Guk shared his thoughts about playing a different character in the new movie “Project Wolf Hunting.”

The singer-actor joins the cast and director of the upcoming sci-fi thriller film greeted the audience in a press conference. 

Held at the CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Yongsan Gu, Seoul, the “Project Wolf Hunting” lead stars Seo In Guk, Jang Dong Yoon, Jung So Min, Ko Chang Seok, and Jang Young Nam attended the event alongside director  Kim Hong Sun. 

(Photo : Korea Dispatch )

At the media briefing, Seo In Guk spoke about playing the villain in “Project Wolf Hunting” 

Seo In Guk on Challenges Playing a Vicious Criminal in ‘Project Wolf Hunting’

The upcoming sci-fi thriller film depicts a special mission to bring the heinous criminals to South Korea from the middle of the Pacific Ocean in 3 days.

Seo In Guk took the role of Jong Du, one of the most feared criminals who will lead the rebellion of the Frontier Titan. 

Project Wolf Hunting

(Photo : The Contents On Instagram)

Project Wolf Hunting

(Photo : The Contents On Instagram)

As obtained by an outlet, the singer-actor revealed at the press conference that it is the character that he wanted to play for a long time.

Upon reading the script, Seo In Guk said that he feels “excited” knowing that the story is going to be “intense.”

Interetingky, he has the same emotion during the production, saying that he felt thrilled while acting up until the movie’s forthcoming premiere. 

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Seo In Guk revealed that through the “Project Wolf Hunting” he would be able to  express playing a completely different character. 

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Seo In Guk on His Transformation as Criminal Leader

Project Wolf Hunting

(Photo : The Contents On Instagram)

Another thing that struck the viewers most is his significant transformation for the role. 

Seo In Guk appeared with full blown tattoos over his body and had to gain weight to portray Jong Du. 

Besides the singer-actor, Jang Dong Yoon joins as one of the prisoners named Do Il. 

As for his transformation, Seo In Guk found it one of the “thrilling” parts of doing the movie; however, he revealed that he had to gain pounds to complement Jang Dong Yoon’s frame. 

“Jong Du is one of the youngest criminals, but I thought about what he would have to do to become a leader,” he explained, adding “I tried to increase my size because of the brutality scenario. So I quickly gained weight.”

Seo In Guk Reunites with Jung So Min in ‘Project Wolf Hunting’

Project Wolf Hunting

(Photo : The Contents On Instagram)

The sci-fi thriller movie is Seo In Guk and Jung So Min’s reunion project after the 2018 K-drama “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.”

The actor revealed the difference between their relationship in the forthcoming movie versus their characters in the previous K-drama.

“In the drama, we showed a heartrending romance until the end. I even cried watching the final episode. But this time, I keep pestering and hitting on her,” Seo In Guk explained. 

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Project Wolf Hunting

(Photo : The Contents On Instagram)

Project Wolf Hunting” is Seo In Guk’s return to the big screen after joining the star-studded cast of “Pipeline.”

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In addition, the singer-actor recently wrapped up his K-drama “Cafe Minamdang” where he played a former criminal profiler turned fake shaman, opposite Oh Yeon Seo. 

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