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Seo In Guk talks about his drastic transformation for the movie Project Wolf Hunting as well as reuniting with co-star Jung So Min.

The South Korean heartthrob joins fellow lead stars and directors as they graced the press conference ahead of the film’s premiere.

Seo In Guk joins Project Wolf Hunting director Kim Hong Sun, and cast members Jang Dong Yoon, Jung So Min, Jang Young Nam, and Ko Chang Seok as they greet the audience with a warm welcome at its media briefing.

In the Project Wolf Hunting press conference, the singer-actor shares his preparation, experience, and thoughts about the upcoming movie.

Seo In Guk Gains Weight and Had Massive Transformation for Project Wolf Hunting

Unlike most of his K-dramas where Seo In Guk plays the hopeless romantic male lead, the 34-year-old star wowed the public with his different visuals as he plays Jong Du.

In the upcoming movie, Jong Du is among the imprisoned criminals at the Convoy Frontier Titan.

The story depicts the journey of these vicious inmates boarding a ship from the Philippines to South Korea.

Joining them are a team of ace detectives to keep an eye on the special passengers; however, hell breaks loose when an unexpected crisis sets in the middle of the sea.

As seen on teasers released by the film’s distribution company, The Contents On, Seo In Guk’s new role harbors tattoos all over his body, making him one of the most feared criminals on the ship.

At the press conference, he hints at what to expect on Project Wolf Hunting, which includes his surprising appearance.

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“I had tattoos all over my body, and I naturally squared my shoulders,” he said as obtained by Zapzee, adding that the overall experience “was thrilling.”

In a separate report, Seo In Guk revealed that he purposely gained weight to play Interpol’s most wanted criminal.

He explained that while Jong Du is one of the youngest prisoners, he had to change his visuals that would make him appear as the leader of the pack.

“I tried to increase my size because of the brutality scenario. So I quickly gained weight,” he added.

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Seo In Guk and Jung So Min Reunites in Project Wolf Hunting

After four years since the drama, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, lead stars Jung So Min and Seo In Guk stars in another project.

For their new team-up, the K-drama heartthrob spoke about the differences between their previous project and the upcoming film.

“In the drama, we showed a heartrending romance until the end. I even cried watching the final episode,” he said, adding “But this time, I keep pestering and hitting on her.”

Jung So Min and Seo In Guk recently bid farewell to their respective K-dramas.

The 33-year-old actress starred in the hit series Alchemy of Souls along with Lee Jae Wook and Shin Seung Ho and Hwang Min Hyun.

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Meanwhile, Seo In Guk headlined the comedy crime K-drama Cafe Minamdang opposite Oh Yeon Seo.

On the other hand, the duo’s upcoming movie Project Wolf Hunting is set to hit the big screen on September 21.

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Stay tuned to EpicStream for the latest news and updates about Seo In Guk’s new movie Project Wolf Hunting.

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