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It’s Harry Potter Week at RSVLTS (The Roosevelts) and the pop culture fashion brand is celebrating “The Chosen One” with a second collection of shirts. These new styles emphasize some awesome characters—some lacking moral fiber—from the beloved book and film series.

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What’s Happening:

  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is taking center stage at RSVLTS as a new collection of button down shirts magically appear.
  • Unlike the first series, this second drop focuses on some of the darker moments from Harry Potter such as the Death Eaters in Prisoner of Azkaban and the Dark Mark tattoo inked on the arms of Voldemort’s loyal followers.
  • But even in the midst of darkness there’s fun to be had thanks to Wizard Wheezes from the Weasley twins!
  • This lineup delivers two patterned short sleeve button downs—Expecto Patronum and Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes—that are available in Adult and Ladies cuts.

  • There’s also The Dark Mark, a solid black flannel with a few hidden surprises up its sleeve and…and under its collar!

Expecto Patronum

“Think of the happiest memory you can. Was it when you laid eyes on this ominous yet luminous KUNUFLEX button down 10 seconds ago? Thought so. Featuring a pack of protective Patronuses ready to cast away an army of demonic Dementors, it is with this shirt that you feel the deepest affinity.”

Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes

“Step up! Step up! We’ve got the most magnificently mischievous shirt the Wizarding World has to offer. Featuring Pygmy Puffs, Jumping Snakes, Extendable Ears, Chattering Teeth, Weasley’s Wondrous Wands, Electric Shock Shakes, Puking Pastilles, and many more wonderfully weird creations from your favorite troublemaking twins, Fred and George Weasley, you won’t need a potion to fall in love with this design.”

The Dark Mark (flannel)

“Shadowy and forbidding like those who utter the incantation “Morsmordre,” this BorlandFlex flannel is branded with the infamous Dark Mark. The skull with a slithering serpent tongue that adorns the sleeve is a menacing reminder of the evil that lurks around every corner of the Wizarding World. There may even be a sinister surprise hiding under the collar. Go ahead, pop it… embrace your dark side.”

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Did You Know?:

  • Since 2012, RSVLTS has been bringing the best elements of pop culture to fans with awesome apparel and accessories inspired by dozens of favorite franchises. Their clothes are comfortable, super easy to care for and really cool!

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