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Rodrigo Santoro

Photo: Disclosure

a high hours Last Saturday, 18, was special to talk about cinema, since this Sunday, the 19th, Brazilian Film Day. The program brought together artists dedicated to the seventh art and Rodrigo Santoro was one of the guests.

During his participation, the actor, who has 51 films under his belt in a 22-year career, recalled the character who lived in Carandero (2003): Mrs. D. In the story, she is married to nurse Sim Chance (Jero Camilo).

In a conversation with Serginio Grosman, Rodrigo said that because of his role in the feature, the audience rejected him.

“It’s a very symbolic act in my journey. When I debuted, I went to the cinema to see people’s reactions. I was told some were leaving at Mrs. D’s wedding. After I worked in TV for a long time…so I saw at least 20 people They leave the cinema.

The actor revealed that he did a lot of research and took on the role of Lady Di with great respect. However, the audience commented and thought that this may have happened because he was considered a television heartthrob.

Jiro Camilo and Rodrigo Santoro in a scene from the movie

Jiro Camilo and Rodrigo Santoro in a scene from “Carandiru”

Photo: Sony Pictures

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“In that sense, it was very difficult, also because of the TV heart issue, the jokes… We’re talking about 2002, it was in another world… It was a challenge that I faced with great respect, I did a lot of research, but it was disgusting. I coped. With the whole thing it was not easy, but I am very proud of this work. It was very powerful,” he said.

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