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Few Brazilian actors have been as successful in their international careers as Rodrigo Santoro. Born in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, the actor has already participated in major Hollywood productions; for example “300” (2006), “double blow” (2015) and “Ben-Hur” (2016). However, there is a genre of the seventh art that Rodrigo has not yet had the opportunity to work: that of Super heroes! In an interview for the website Omeletthe actor talked about his desire to act in the Marvel. Look:

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When asked by the journalist Marcelo Forlani if the Marvel was something that interested him professionally, the actor did not hesitate to reply: “Super!”

“It’s really cool because people on the internet, you know, in the comments, are always saying ‘hey, Rodrigo had to play a superhero character’, and I really want to. I never had the chance, but I hope I have.“, said Rodrigo Santoro.

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

Even during the interview, Rodrigo Santoro told that for a long time he was “dating” the character dating. Will we one day see him on the big screen in some production of marvel studios? Only time will tell!

It is worth remembering that, so far, two Brazilian actresses have been in superhero movies: Alice Braga participated in “The Suicide Squad” (2021), by director James Gunn; and Bruna Marquezine is in the cast of the still unpublished “Blue Beetle“, from the principal Angel Manuel Soto; both long from A.D.

Rodrigo Santoro recalls unexpected meeting with Sharon Stone

At another point in the interview, the actor Rodrigo Santoro recalled an unexpected encounter with one of the biggest names in Hollywood: Sharon Stone! It all happened during the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. “I was walking and all of a sudden I felt such a heavy hand on my shoulder, and I looked back, and when I looked, here was Sharon Stone! She had broken her high heels, and the moment I looked at her, I immediately remembered ‘Basic Instinct’“, said.

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Photo: Joe Maher / Getty Images

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“I went white, nervous. I’ve never been this nervous in the presence of an artist I grew up watching“, added the actor.

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