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Mel Fronckowiak congratulates actor on his birthday

Rodrigo Santoro became a star in dramaturgy due to his numerous roles in television and film. Even with the spotlight on him, he prefers to keep a low profile when it comes to his intimate life.

However, every now and then, the actor is exposed by his wife, Mel Fronckowiak. Last Monday, the 22nd, he turned 47 and received a huge declaration of love.

On social media, in a very rare appearance, the artist shared a click next to her beloved in an elevator. In the caption, she made a text to praise his qualities.

“Oh, my love! Today you start over. A whole year to color again. to tread our ways, to keep going further and further. Even more than you can believe.” started Mel Fronckowiak.


In the sequence, the famous confessed that she is starting over with Rodrigo Santoro in this new journey of her life.

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“Today you start over and we are here starting over by your side, literally. A new challenge ahead, the size of your courage, just not bigger than your heart”, took over the actor’s wife.

Sincerely, Mel Fronckowiak wished the couple could love each other intensely every day and forgive each other when necessary.

“In this new beginning, I wish that we can also look again at everything we have built and at the horizon of what is to come”, said Rodrigo Santoro’s wife, who continued:

“May we know how to treat each other with love, always. If you forgive yourself when necessary, if you celebrate even the most insignificant victories, laugh at how much life is, in fact, the simplest matter of human complexity”, said the actor’s wife.


Finally, Mel Fronckowiak wished that Rodrigo Santoro would continue to rock his profession.

“May you continue walking along your designed road to find everything you deserve, what you desire”, said the actor’s wife.

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Rodrigo SantoroRodrigo SantoroRodrigo Santoro receives a statement from his wife (Reproduction)

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