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Actor Rodrigo Santoro opened the game and revealed that he could not stand a common pain that the vast majority of women face with tranquility. He said he had to undergo a waxing session and cried during the procedure. Is that the process was part of the preparation for the movie ‘300’, a Hollywood production of 2006. The revelation was during his participation in the podcast ‘Podpah’, on Monday (11).

“Have you guys shaved yet?”, he asked the presenters for Igão and Mitico. “But you waxed? I never waxed”, replied one of them. “I waxed my hair and I’ll tell you something: it hurt, but it hurt. Painful, man. And she said: ‘No, it’s written in the description without hair. Bald, smooth, the whole body’. Then I got there, I talked to the makeup artist. I was imagining a machine. She said: ‘look, I advise you to shave, because, with shaving, it will take time to grow. If you shave, tomorrow you’ll have to shave again. It can irritate the skin and then we’ll have to put on make-up’”, said Santoro.

In the feature, the actor played the villain Xerxes, a bald character, without hair and, to top it off, he had a face full of piercings. This was the Brazilian’s first prominent character in Hollywood. Santoro said that, when he heard the makeup artist’s argument, he agreed and, then, she indicated the epilator. “For leisure?”, asked Igão. “What leisure what! I got there, she asked me: ‘Hot or cold’ [cera quente ou cera fria]. I said: ‘whichever hurts the least’. She said: ‘hot’. Then, my brother, she took a wooden spatula, stirred it, it looks like honey, but there’s nothing about honey, there’s nothing sweet about it. She took the stuff and started spreading it,” he recalled.

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He said that as he pulled out the wax, he cried out in pain. “The moment I felt the first one, it started to tear. I said: ‘No, no, no. Stop’. Then she took a towel, rolled it up and said: ‘Bite’. And she put it in my mouth. I bit the towel “, he recalled, laughing. “I was crying. It went to the chest below the navel. And then when that was over, I said: ‘It’s over. Enough of the story, this thing is over, I can’t stand this pain. It’s very painful’. Because I still had my leg , I had my arm. And then I went with just the front part shaved, red. Crying”, confessed the actor.

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