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Roblox is known for creating some of the best memes, such as the iconic “Oof” meme and the reinvention of the word “Noob,” which can be used for just about anything now. The game has been around for a while now and has seen some major changes, some good ones that fueled more meme-worthy content.

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Roblox is known for being one of the most toxic gaming communities. Still, despite their differences, fans have been able to put that to the side and create some hilarious content that they all can relate to and laugh at together on Reddit.

Waiting For Roblox To Load

astronaut movie meme about roblox loading time

Some of the best roleplaying games on Roblox tend to take a longer time to load in, which is why some developers choose to have artsy loading screens that help make that time a little bit less boring. More so in the old Roblox, players were willing to wait up to several hours for a game to load just for a chance to play it for a couple of minutes. Players no longer have to wait for most games if they are playing on a decent device, but the game will hopefully be worth it if they do.


Younger Than Roblox

spongebob fire and paper meme for roblox

This Spongebob meme by PepperChippo on Reddit is a funny representation of players on Roblox today. While most players on the online game try to be portrayed as important and entitled members—which often leads to some harmless disputes between others—many are actually younger than the game, meaning they might not have all the experience they believe they do.

A Pushup For Each Scam

cartoon comic meme for roblox scam

Real fans will be aware of the neverending scams circling, trying to bait some unknowing players to fall for their cruel tricks. All the best hats to buy in the Catalog are full of comments of players trying to get them for free, which as obvious from this meme by pvzbfnfan1, has turned more into a running joke now. Everyone wants a chance to get some Robux and buy what they want, but the only method that ever works is getting them officially off the site. No matter how tempting the scam might be, they never work, and it’s much safer to do it legitimately.

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Roblox Player Tier

Spongebob muscles player tier roblox meme

This meme by Due-Hamster-8908 is a take on the many different types of players, but Roblox is indeed available on many different platforms and easily becoming one of the best free mobile games to play right now.

While this meme is easily an exaggeration, it is a funny take on the different types of players and the device they choose to play on. Naturally, it is assumed the players who use a PC are the more serious of gamers, while those playing on a mobile probably don’t care as much as the speed or graphics. This meme playfully suggests that players who can work Roblox on a fridge or calculator are the obvious gaming ‘gods.’ However, there is no proof it’s actually possible to play on a calculator.

Robux vs. Bobux


person on stage robux vs bobux meme

Many fanbases have their own slang or lingo that fans create, and while ‘bobux’ was created to bypass the strict Roblox chat system, it also became a spoof on online currency and a joke for Roblox fans and others on the internet alike.

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As this meme by MataGamesCZ suggests, the word ‘bobux’ has become a humorous, inside joke for the fans, suggesting the amount of Robux someone has is more minuscule than they portray. There is no actual definition of the word as the fanbase itself created it. Still, players find it a comedic and trendy replacement for the usual word because of its connection to many different Roblox memes.

The Chat System

Star Wars Anakin and Padme Roblox Meme chat system

Roblox has a very strict chat system that hashes out any words they feel could be sensitive or threatening information. While on some level it could be protecting players—specifically the younger generation of players—it also is a bit of a joke.

It seems like more dialogue is being excluded in the chat than ever before, leaving the chat box filled with lines and lines of hashtags that make it almost impossible to figure out what players are trying to communicate. This meme by Reddit user, Fluid-Apartment-3951 perfectly represents that silly but equally frustrating situation. Understandably, they are trying to make it a safe and clean space for players of all ages, but conversations are becoming more difficult to carry out on the platform.

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roblox waiting meme natural disaster

Survive The Disaster is probably one of the most popular survival games to play on Roblox. While it’s entertaining to witness the bizarre differential disasters each round, it might not be as fun for veteran players or those who have experienced them multiple times before.

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As depicted in this meme by Stunning_Confusion30, the rounds in Natural Disaster can seem to last forever as the water for the flood slowly rises, or the rain takes forever to fall. While many disasters are entertaining and difficult to survive, players can sometimes find themselves just waiting around for the round to end, which is why this meme is so relatable to players who play the game.

Roblox Game Devs

Spongebob and patrick binoculors, roblox game devs meme

Roblox fans can play just about any game on the platform now, all kinds of genres, games based on movies and tv, as well as versions of other popular games on the internet. This post by MrZero10 makes a joke about Roblox developers and their sense of creating games heavily inspired by big names other where.

It is a simple and easy platform for fans to play all the best, most popular games, and whether or not other titles inspire them, they still have original elements and content that the developers spent a lot of time creating. It’s getting harder for developers to come up with 100% original content, and even though it is a little funny to see a lot of Roblox games based on other titles, they are still enjoyable and free to play.

“My Dad Owns Roblox!”

hand swinging to hit button roblox meme

Roblox has its fair share of toxicity and petty arguments between players, but a lot of it is more humorous than harmful. All players could probably relate to this meme by Redditiscurse at one point or another in their Roblox lives.

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Most online games have some rifts in their fanbases. Not everybody will get along at every moment, which can lead to some petty toxicity—such as Fortnite dances, Rocket League quickchats, and even Roblox arguments. Online bullying is definitely a real issue, but these moments have become more of a joke than anything else, especially when players try to come up with ‘witty’ comebacks like, “My dad owns Roblox.”

Noobs These Days

penguins noob roblox meme

‘Noob’ has taken on a whole new meaning since Roblox launched so long ago. Although the word usually means: “a new player,” it has become more of a derogatory term for anyone who seems to be bothering the other players.

All players have probably used the name ‘noob’ at some point or another, whether they were talking about a new player or not, but trolls especially like to use the phrase at any random moment they feel inclined—as this meme by HJacetLol depicts. The Roblox ‘Noob’ has become a big meme inside and outside of the game and has taken on all different kinds of meanings that usually everyone can laugh about in the end.

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