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Rebecca Ferguson naturally demonstrates that it is neither an impossible mission nor an overly Herculean task to shine on screen. Everything is a matter of work and perseverance, without giving up in the face of difficulties.

He was born in Stockholm, but his mother is British, who moved to Sweden at the age of 25. She noticed some magnetism at an early age, because as a teenager she was already a model in magazines and television ads, for clothes and makeup products. At the age of 16 she entered the Adolf Fredriks Musikskola, so when it came to music and moving her skeleton she immediately acquired practice, to the point that she practices tango, ballet, tap dance, jazz and street funk. It seems that her surname links her to the famous Sarah Ferguson, but in any case it would be a distant relationship.

His first acting jobs were for Swedish television, Nya Tider and ocean bird. While in cinema her debut was the ghost of the lake. Also in Wallander required his services, but his international emergence on the big screen has come from the hand of The White Queen, historical series where she gives life to Queen Elizabeth of England. In fact, this is where Tom Cruise discovered it and required it for Impossible Mission: Secret Nation. Although he had done before, also in Hollywood, Herculeswhere he gives the reply as Hergenia to Dwayne Johnson.

Now her role as Ilsa in Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie’s spy film, where she also walks around Casablanca, has given her just fame, although it may be too fast to start comparing her with her compatriot Ingrid Bergman, who did precisely White House with a character of the same name. To play an action heroine, she had intense training, six hours a day of pilates and martial arts, for six weeks. Curiously, Rebecca suffers from vertigo and claustrophobia, but they were not obstacles to playing her role, where she herself has done most of the scenes without a stunt double. “I love action movies. Because I like dance, I like to move, and more specifically I like to see the choreography of the fights and detect how the protagonists do it”, says the actress.

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Will she achieve a more attractive career than her “impossible girl” predecessor Paula Patton? In any case, she now has in her hands the shooting of a very appetizing film, the adaptation of the best-seller by Paula Hawkins the girl on the trainwhere Tate Taylor is going to direct it.

Rebecca is the mother of a child born in 2007, which she had with her then-boyfriend Ludwig Hallberg.

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