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The following deeds were recorded with the Nash County Register of Deeds from May 25-31. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation.

N. Scott Davis and Ashley B. Davis to Sonia Damaris Mejia; 1334 Echo Lake Lane, Rocky Mount; $450.

Dillon Eckert to Dillon Eckert and Rachel Eckert; lot; 0.38 acres

Juan Carlos Mendoza Gonzalez to Monica Martinez; tract; 9.70 acres net

Estate of Constance K. Jackson to David Thomas Gale II; lot 20, block C, section 2, Westview Park; $547.

3833 Mustang Road LLP to QPG Tiffany Apartments LLC; Tiffany Square Apartments; $44,500.

Dean A. Holland Builders Inc. to Awwad Alsalieby; lot 8, Farm at Red Oak, phase I; $800.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Annie Douglas Mitchell; lot 34; Olde Mill Stream, phase I; $584.

Jenny B. Baker and Thomas J. Baker to Steven Thomas Baker and Kenneth Bradley Hutzler; lot; 10.411 gross acres

Cawhit Farms LLC to Mary Butler Tetterton, Michael Barrett Butler and Christopher Lee Butler; tract or parcel, 18.232 gross acres; $89.

Samuel Morris Brown Jr. and Morgan Brittany Ward Brown to James D. Stiller and Amanda R. Patterson; 1127 Duck Pond Road, Nashville; $1,086.

William B. Harden and Rebecca T. Harden to Samuel Brown Jr. and Morgan W. Brown; 6147 Windchase Drive, Rocky Mount; $1,420.

Clifton Atkinson, Elisha Atkinson, Alicia Joann Jackson and Robert Eugene Jackson to Carolina Rural Homes LLC; lot 5, block E, section III, Pinecrest; $102.

Imogene Covington to Aaron Foots; lot 9, block C, phase 3, Spring Forest; $530.

Nash County to The Trustees of Nash Community College; lot 3, 14.143 acres more or less

Danny F. Davis, Linda B. Davis, Robert Carlton Davis, Gay L. Davis, George Ike Davis Sr. and Patricia P. Davis to James Partington IV and Stacey Walker Partington; lot; 0.52 acres

Willie J.T. Burgess to Willie J.T. Burgess and Lakeisha Burgess; 7047 Riverbirch Road, Rocky Mount

Mildred Richardson Costen to Bridget L. Woodard; 317 Second St., Spring Hope; $18.

Almon Augustus Muehlhausen III and Joyce Bagwell Muehlhause to Bobby Joe Kemp and Leona M. Kemp; lot 6, James Pointe at Red Oak; $640.

Reginald Dion Mungo to Nicholas F. Sanchez-Garcia; 1609 Davis St., Rocky Mount; $28.

Ivy League LLC to Kyle Brock; lot; $474.

Johnny M. Davis to C.B. Daughtridge Jr. and Linda B. Daughtridge; 5830 Bend of the River Road, Rocky Mount

Max Eugene Lell and Virginia Edith Lell to Brittney Pruitt; 1303 Fairfield Road, Nashville; $524.

Evelyn A. Braswell to Brian Braswell; 301 Alexander Drive, Rocky Mount

empie Doretha Chichester to Chun Shum and Hungmui Chiu; lot 2, block A, Lakepoint Trail; $1,500.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Thomas Murphy and Laurie Murphy; lot 102, section IV, Ford’s Colony at Rocky Mount; $733.

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C.T. Williams Corp. to Kirk F. Boone; lot 2; Dino Lane, Bailey; $105.

C.T. Williams Corp. to Timothy Leonard; tract A, lot 7; and tract B, lot 11; Chapman Road, Bailey; $209.

C.T. Williams Corp. to Thomas V. Pearce; lot 3; Dino Lane, Bailey; $105.

C.T. Williams Corp. to David R. Baker; lot 9, Chapman Road, Bailey; $105.

C.T. Williams Corp. to Terry K. Meares; lot 1; Dino Lane, Bailey; $105.

C.T. Williams Corp. to Anthony David Baker; lot 8; Chapman Road, Bailey; $05.

Steven Brent Bunn and Heather Braswell Bunn to James E. Shepherd and Brenda S. Shepherd; 7865 Mecum Road, Spring Hope; $490.

Kenneth R. Hahn and Tracy F. Hahn to Caruso Builder Belmont Lakes LLC; lot 32, section IV, Ford’s Colony at Rocky Mount; $100.

Matt Baldwin Homes LLC to Richard Moore and Jennifer Bairslow Moore; lot 1; $831.

Kurt Mollenkopf and Monique Mollenkopf to Shabere Dorsett; 45 Mockingbird Lane, Rocky Mount; $800.

Clara J. Boddie to Trek Wise Holdings LLC; 128 Horn Boddie Lane, Rocky Mount; $17.

Paula Karen Sutherland Living Trust to Caruso Builder Belmont Lakes LLC; lot 18, section III, Ford’s Colony at Rocky Mount; $100.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Toneika Amelia Sherrod; lot 35; Olde Mill Stream. Phase I; $597.

Timothy Leonard to Brittany Upchurch-Smith and Ryan Smith; lot 44, Whitley Crossing, phase I; $690.

Lou B. Garris to Annette Garris Greene; 1854 Landsdowne Road, Rocky Mount

Gordon Howard Finch and Teresa Burnette Finch to Karen Finch Fulghum; tract 2, lot 1, 1.615 acres; and tract 2, lot 3, 5.766 net acres

Gordon Howard Finch and Teresa Burnette Finch to Adam Douglas Fulghum; lot 2, 1.65 acres

Gordon Howard Finch and Teresa Burnette Finch to Karen Finch Fulghum; lot; 5.91 net acres

Gordon Howard Finch and Teresa Burnette Finch to Gordon Howard Finch and Teresa Burnette Finch; tract 1, lot 6, 3.33 acres; and tract 2, lot 3, 6.967 acres

Thomas C. Zawistowicz and Caitlin Zawistowicz to Richard C. Murdock and Denie Guidi-Murdock; lot 5, block C, section 1, Brassfield; $602.

Lillian C. Willinger to Lillian Cassandra Willinger and Byron Willinger; 4865 Ashton Road, Rocky Mount

Gina M. Allen to Mildred Torres Garcia and Agustin Lino; 6128 Nicole Road, Spring Hope; $420.

John D. Yates and Ellen P. Yates to Cameron Banton and Caitlin Banton; lot 48, block B, section three, Old Carriage Farm; $570.

Matt Baldwin Homes LLC to Eric From and Toni From; 2579 Spring Hill Road, Spring Hope; $797.

Highland Company of Eastern North Carolina to Jake P. Perry; lot 39, section one, Windstone; $496.

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Angela M. Wood to Jacob Michaud; 330 Villa St., Rocky Mount; $140.

Sean Jacob Anders to Anna Connolly; 120 Thornberry Drive, Spring Hope; $435.

Amy Lynn McGuire to Christina De La Torre Osborne and Michael James Osborne; 2034 Bridgewood Road, Rocky Mount; $400.

Eric R. Ogilvie and Heather R. Carew to Shannon Rene Clark; lot 1, Whitley Crossing, phase I; $608.

Teresa R House and Thomas Joseph House to Thomas J. House; tract 1, 3.2 acres; and tract 2, 4.02 acres; $145.

Worth Wayne Packer and Roxie Lee Packer to Gerald D. Daniels Jr.; 2104 Packer Road, Whitakers; $207.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Erica D. Green; lot 29; Olde Mill Stream, phase I; $479.

VGG Holdings LLC to Karin Estela Espin Loor; 10374 S. Spruce St., Middlesex; $465.

Prentice F. Stone, Cassandra B. Stone, Horstine Lynch, Eugene Lynch, James Nelson Stone, Pauline Stone, Shelia Stone Sutton, Jonathan Quao, Julian Quao, Natasha Quao and Jeniqua Quao to Anastacio Garcia Hernandez and Flor Angelica Torres Salazar; lot 7, 6.19 acres more or less; $152.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Adzo Sapa and Reginald Laweh; lot 13; Olde Mill Stream, phase I; $561.

Christopher Kehley and Brenda Horton to Allisa Shangold Burgess; 11468 Village Square Drive, Middlesex; $514.

Top Level Builders Inc. to Colleen Brie Kelly and Christian Thomas Kelly; lot 1; 1.414 acres; Crosswinds; $496.

The following deeds were recorded with the Edgecombe County Register of Deeds from May 25-31. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation.

Susan E. Thomas and Moir Chilton to Southern Postal Realty Holdings LLC; lot; 0.480 acres more or less

WJH LLC to Sonya Holder; lot 21, block H, section 8, Flagmarsh Hills; $411.

Phyllis B. James and Erma Lee Jones to Dorothy M. Jordan; lot; $145.

Thomas and Smith Group LLC to Antonio Lopez; lot 1, block 43, southern part of Edgemont; $18.

James S. Livermon Jr. to Seahawk Investment Group LLC; lot; $40.

Dorothy P. Roach and Eddie Roach to Linwood Earl Jones and Florida Jones; 31 Georgia Ave., Tarboro

231 Homes LLC to Patrick Letchworth and Thomas Whitley; tract 1, 1 acre; and tract 2, 1 acre more or less; $130.

Nash Resources LLC to Ashley Ratliff; 612 Short St., Rocky Mount; $236.

Wilson Durward Leggett IV, Debora R. Leggett, Robert Garner Leggett, Suzanne M. Leggett, Wilson Durward Leggett V, Jacqueline V. Leggett, Jeffrey Robert Leggett and Mariana S. Leggett to Quincy Farms Family LP; tract 1, Bulluck Land – lot 5, 25 acres; lot 6, 43 acres; lot 7, 50 ares; tract 2, Peele Land – lot 3, 6 acres more or less; lot 4, 6 acres more or less; lot 5, 6 acres more or less; and lot 6, 6 acres more or less; $930.

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Karen Marie Bulluck, Kimberly B. Krueger, Jerry P. Bulluck Jr. and Karen Y Bulluck to Atlantic Avenue Property LLC; lot; 172.5 acres more or less; $400.

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TL & CP Corp. to Jahrae Cromartie and Crystal Cromartie; 706-708 Marigold St., Rocky Mount; $170.

Long’s Home Repair Inc. and Edgecombe First Properties LLC to Crystal Hyman Williams Sessoms; 3711 N. Main St., Tarboro; $380.

Roma Bowen Angel and John E. Angel to Sandra L. Jordan; 408 E. Park Ave., Tarboro; $450.

Ira Bolden Jr. to Lillie Bea Grimes Aldave, Cheryl L. Aldave, Jessica S. Aldave, Sam E. Aldave and Cherisse M. Aldave; 3602 Ainsley Circle, Tarboro

H.E. Whichard Jr. and Margaret S. Norville to Kenneth E. Whichard; lot 1, block C; $18.

Charles Holmes III, Terry Delores Holmes, Lisa Diggins, Willie Diggins, Joseph Lavon Holmes and Loleta Rene Holmes to Charles Holmes Jr. ad Lucyrene Holmes; lots 3 and 4, Quail Hollow

Stephen M. Stump and Dena L. Stump to Dena L. Stump; 302 W. Green St., Macclesfield

Ollie Knight and Mary C. Knight to Hector Guzman; lot; 2.14 acres more or less; $60.

Harold A. Clark and Brooke M. Clark to Thomas Blakeney and Pamela Blakeney; 1005 Cemtipede Drive, Rocky Mount; $268.

Kelvin Sherron Ward to Blue Pama Holdings LLC; 839 Branch St., Rocky Mount; $38.

Deborah Anderson to Tiffany M. Graham and Jon Raymond Lapointe II; 337 PGA Lane, Macclesfield; $700.

John S. Williford Jr. and Velda G. Williford to Hattie Ruth Harris; lot A, square 69, Meadowbrook, section 1; $15.

Polly Ann Walker, Elnora Powell Pitt, Carrie Malinda Jackson, Annie Caudle Dickens, Harry Morton Dickens, Doris Silver Smith, Bennie Junis Smith and Annie Belle Harrison to Veronique Lamartiniere; parcels 1 and 2; $160.

Christopher Glenn Hill, Jeannie Denise Hill, Timothy Giddens Hill and Lindsay Hill to Deanna Garcia and Miguel Mendoza; 1509-1511 Vance St., Rocky Mount; $2.

Daniel L. Grimsley to Lee Thomas Grimsley; 1223 Colonial Road, Tarboro; $470.

Benjamin W. Shelton Jr. and Nancy V. Shelton to Tony Curtis Wooten; tract 1

Wadye E. Morton, Reginald Morton and Virginia Michele Kelly-Morton to Reginald Morton and Virginia Michele Kelly-Morton; lot 16, block 3

Allison C. Sills and James G. Sills Jr. to Reginald L. Cooley Sr. and Danielle L. Cooley; 1105 Chapel St., Tarboro; $110.

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