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What does it tell you about Republicans’ concern over “election integrity,” when they all oppose election reform? Their idea of “reform” is to make voting more complicated and more difficult and to let them count the votes.

When a political party tells you that everyone is lying but them, it’s no longer a political party. It is a cult.

I like the new ad campaign naming Senator Todd Young as “two-faced Todd”. Personally I don’t like a politician who is so arrogant that when I write to share my opinion, he always tells me why he has no intention of voting the way I would like. He is suppose to represent us, not decide for us.

11 GOP Attorneys General — including Indiana AG Todd Rokita — have asked the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to side with Donald Trump over the Department of Justice, not by arguing law or facts, but by saying that President Biden’s government doesn’t deserve the usual deference that is due, because they think Trump deserves better treatment than others. So much for equality before the law. These 11 attorneys should lose their licenses.

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Of course the racists are upset about a black mermaid, but they are OK with Mickey Mouse because he is a white mouse, don’t you know?

Let me get this straight, you think factual anti-Trump comments are Un-American? So to be a patriot, you must be pro-Trump and lie? I think I see a problem with your logic.

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NIPSCO is planning a rate hike, with a “significant portion” tied to the transition to wind and solar production. It will also be used to pay for those that don’t pay their bill. If wind and solar are so great (they’re not, just ask Californians), why is it going to cost more? And, if I don’t pay my bill, my service gets disconnected, so this is obviously just a way to pad their bill. Better get your wood-burning fireplace now … when the transition is complete, wait to see how much electricity is produced during a snowstorm.

Anyone with common sense will tell you the border problem will not be resolved until conditions change in the Central and South American countries from which migrants are fleeing. No president in decades has been able to bring the border crisis under control. Let’s be clear. I am talking about Republican and Democratic presidents. Former President Trump just treated migrants inhumanely as they made efforts to cross the border. You will remember they were separating children from their parents. He promised a more secure wall that was never accomplished. He watched his associates commit fraud with donor monies that were supposed to be used to continue building the wall. Instead they spent the money on themselves. Prosecutions are pending. It is important to remind the public of these facts because Republicans want us to believe the border problem is a Biden problem. Until both Democrats and Republicans decide they must work together instead of against each other, the border issue will never have a chance to be resolved.

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Russian propaganda 101: Whataboutism — the practice of responding to an issue by raising a different issue or a different person’s actions. Invented by the Soviet Union, but now used mostly by Donald Trump and his supporters.

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NIPSCO would not have to increase their rates so high if they collected the money owed them from customers who failed to pay their bills. These customers are still living someplace, so make them pay up or turn off the utilities.


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