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Can you identify who said what in all ten of these Friends and How I Met Your Mother quotes?

Like a snuggly warm blanket, sitcoms can be the perfect comfort when one is feeling blue. And arguably, two of the most popular shows out there are NBC’s Friends and CBS’s How I Met Your Mother. But what if we created a quiz that blended these two mighty sitcoms together? Now we have your attention.

Yes, in today’s Twinfinite quiz, we’re going to test your knowledge of two of the most beloved US sitcoms ever. All you need to do is guess who said what: Was it the sarcastic tomboy Robin Scherbatsky or was it the loyal yet spoiled Rachel Green? The choice is ultimately yours!

So, come join us as we prepare to go to the mall (get it?) while en route to everyone’s favorite coffeehouse, Central Perk. Can you identify who said what in all ten of these Friends and How I Met Your Mother quotes? Let’s find out, shall we? Good luck!

Rachel or Robin? Test Your Friends & How I Met Your Mother Quote Knowledge in This Quiz

“You got chemistry, you only need one more thing: timing. But timing is a b*tch!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did my back hurt your knife?”

“I’m such a mess. Why do you even like me?”

“The best I can give you is a fake smile and dead eyes.”

“I’m so happy and not at all jealous.”

“I really don’t like feelings.”

“We are dessert stealers. We are living outside the law.”

“He’s so pretty, I want to cry.”

“Today, it’s like rock bottom, then 50 feet of crap, then me.”

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Image Sources: CBS and NBC (via IMDb, Looper, and What Culture)

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