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After singing some of her hit songs, James tried to get to know more about how the name ‘Lizzo’ was gotten. The 34-year-old explained it all started as a teenage nickname in Houston where the second half of the name was replaced with an O. “I was Lisso with two ‘s’ and then people said it with a little swag to it, so I changed the ‘s’ to z’s,” the rapper explained.

The host further asked if she had a strict upbringing which she admitted to for the first ten years of her life. The singer explained they were in the Church of God and Christ when they were in Detroit.

Due to their faith, the kind of music they listened to was strict. They did not listen to secular music because it was considered to be devil music. They also talked about when Lizzo went viral on a TikTok dance with her friends at Coachella after learning a unique dance Jaeden Gomez posted. 

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