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The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.

309 N 22nd St; Pearsall William P Jr Trustee to Horowitz Aaron O’keeffe And, $219,950.

509 N 26th St; Bernard Stephen N and Maureen H to Aniel Jan, $287,000.

915 N 27th St; Forcastle Llc to Skeens Andrea Leigh, $300,000.

1819 N 29th St; Cava Capital Llc to Clifton Rebecca Leigh And, $248,000.

116 W 33rd St; White 144 Llc to Aman Joshua S and Sarah L, $265,000.

2103 3rd Ave; Bryan George W and to Wag Investment Llc, $175,000.

1006 W 47th St; Wright Phyllis G to Mcnalley Allan F and Nimmer Tammy J, $290,000.

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  • 2010 Albany Ave; Barlow Collin A to Odonnell Samantha, $300,000.

    4212 Arrowhead Road; Sadtler Eileen M to Mayfield Holdings Llc, $350,000.

    1703 Avondale Ave; Armstrong Phillip H and to Lystad Matthew C, $330,000.

    210 N Belmont Ave; Hauser Alex J to Morgan Miranda Victoria, $425,000.

    3125 Blithewood Dr; Anderson Kimberly K to Biraben Eleanor A, $340,000.

    4223 Britannia Road; S R B Investors Llc to Surber John, $159,000.

    1901 E Broad St U31; Kourouglos Minas J to Hill Robert and Elizabeth, $161,000.

    5017 Caledonia Road; Rudd Aaron C and Lauren E to Smith Michael D And, $505,000.

    2003 Cedar St; 2003 Cedar Street Llc to Cleveland Jewelan Rashelle, $269,500.

    10685 Cherokee Road; Brengel Todd J and Nicole J to Turner David Stockley And, $785,000.

    711 W Clay St; Miller William Patrick to Long Steven P, $450,000.

    3701 Decatur St; Friday Dante and Ladenya to Mankins Marguerite D And, $166,000.

    4 N Dooley Ave; Four Dooley Llc to Wws Xxx Llc, $640,000.

    3206 Edgewood Ave; Nikiforos Billy to Satterwhite Emily And, $389,950.

    2118 Fairfax Ave; Richmond Wholesale Deals Llc to Upcycle Homes Llc, $150,000.

    1435 Floyd Ave; Mathews Eugene E to Mcguire Raymond Louis And, $500,000.

    4202 Forest Hill Ave; Mcleod Cheri D and to Somerville Gregory and Suzanne, $530,000.

    3615 Garland Ave; J C Painter Inc to Commerce Jessie, $272,000.

    3018 Glenan Dr; Joseph Brown Lynette to Weaver Taurus, $180,000.

    307 W Grace St; Clay Garland P Iii to Carver Homes Llc, $371,000.

    610 W Graham Road; Depalma Scott M and to Barberi Justin Alexander, $359,950.

    321 Greenway Lane; Coulbourn Thomas E Jr and Sterling K to Wootton Sarah W and Madison P, $1,805,000.

    1414 Grove Ave; Albright John Paul and to Butler Franklin D Jr And, $705,000.

    1805 Hanover Ave; Curran Francis J Iii to Caplice Ellison Brown And, $600,000.

    2705 Hanover Ave U10; Wescoat Isabel to Huertas Edwin and Paulina, $205,000.

    908 Hill Top Dr; Pouzar Christopher Paul to Wilkinson Sarah A, $230,000.

    2918 Idlewood Ave; 2918 Idlewood Avenue Llc and to West Franklin Llc, $910,000.

    5200 Kenmare Loop; Raley Kayla and Derrick Jr to Barnes Jairod and Brittnei, $370,000.

    4101 Kensington Ave; Lee Elizabeth A to Clark Julie K and Rice William, $762,000.

    1401 W Laburnum Ave; Hallion Reynaul M and Linda B to Hatcher Taylor, $389,000.

    513 S Laurel St; Smith Timothy J and Sara M and to Silverstein Ronald and Virginia, $335,000.

    365 Lexington Road; Liles Rita H Revocable Trust to Brown Tucker V And, $727,500.

    45 E Lock Lane U4; Jimenez Andres D and Madeline to Mccabe Christopher and Alison, $265,000.

    7548 Marilea Road; Lawrence Living Trust Trustees to Lenhardt Jenna L And, $365,000.

    3508 Meadow Bridge Road; Lambert James to C C X Properties Llc, $155,000.

    313 N Monroe St; Blackwell Erica C and to Shaheen Joshua, $330,000.

    3516 Moody Ave; Solodar Properties Llc to Cusick Michael Shane, $190,000.

    5106 New Kent Road; Driscoll Robert C and to Zambriczki Michael J And, $575,000.

    1226 Nottoway Ave; Robinson Amy to Arntson Anne L, $315,000.

    10761 Old Gun Trce; Chapman M Geraldine to Christian Mark Andrew Jr And, $743,000.

    4514 Park Ave; Claytor Andrew Boyd Iv and to Donahue Jeffrey John And, $725,000.

    3337 Parkwood Ave; Shope Edward L Iii and Scott L to Mcneill Thomas A, $390,000.

    124 Pember Lane; Fisher George E Iii and to Pollinator Properties Llc, $200,000.

    815 Porter St U220; Rush Allison W to Ellis Josiah Preston And, $167,000.

    3310 Rear W Cary St; Griffin Real Estate Llc to Nva Re Llc, $3,800,000.

    2003 Rosewood Ave; Nieves Ivonne F to Alsop Jenny Nicole, $480,000.

    5013 W Seminary Ave; Buttermore Kenneth A to Adams Jeffrey and Kang Yu, $320,000.

    9204 St Charles Cir; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Borden Laurie Christine, $275,043.

    9101 Stony Point Dr; Highwoods Realty Limited Partnership to Jllx Stony Point Dst, 52150000.

    4319 Stuart Ave; Crews John W to Johnson Emma R, $1,050,000.

    1701 Summit Ave U5; Thomas Brian L to Tickle William Pierce Heywood, $308,000.

    2125 Tobacco Mill St; NVR Inc to Austin Samuel and Furr Mary, $365,935.

    3421 Traylor Dr; Carr Derek S to Laia Nicole I And, $629,000.

    6544 Vischer Road; NVR Inc to Mccabe Tyler and Jones Brynn, $416,325.

    6241 Warwick Road; Mcgill Isaac J to Lin Qi, $260,000.

    810 Westover Hills Blvd; Young William H and to Booker Holly L And, $300,000.

    2829 Weymouth Dr; Babcock Mark H and Amy C to Wheeler Amanda Leigh, $435,000.

    1231 Windsor Ave; Porter Henry D Jr to Smyth Jason Philip And, $375,000.

    901 Apple Grove Ct, Henrico; Ward Shaneil T to Jones Ricardo D , $245,000.

    10609 Atkins Grove Ct, Glen Allen; Dance Shaun D to Dorsey Richard F and Cheryl A, $335,000.

    2915 Battery Ave, Henrico; Stallings Harold E to Hughes Shannon, $299,999.

    5243 Bedford Falls Cir, Glen Allen; Litsinger James Sterling and Kristen N R to Sasven Christopher R and Archana John, $420,000.

    10502 Bishops Gate Dr, Glen Allen; Kush Patricia E to Holder Deborah A , $375,000.

    418 Bonruth Pl, Henrico; Strawbridge Amanda T and John D Phipps to Feinstein Jarod M and Rachel Kwal, $1,100,000.

    6018 Bremo Rd, Henrico; Farmer Lucy P to Short William L Jr and Emily W, $296,500.

    1934 Brilland Ct, Glen Allen; Nguyen Hoang Ngoc and Van Thi Thuy Vu to Bermudez Paulo C, $365,000.

    1505 Bronwyn Rd U104, Henrico; Lilly Stephen Matthew to Spruill Carol P and James Kenneth and Martha, $164,900.

    10016 Bush Ln, Glen Allen; Wilhite Delbert and Ashley Norris to Freed John Custin, $325,000.

    6428 Canesville Ln, Henrico; Montgomery Richard and Jennifer to Martin Rashad H and Courtney Spencer, $260,000.

    4808 Cedar Branch Ct, Glen Allen; Wright Stephen W and Tiffany P to Lochart David Nelson and Martha Suzanne , $420,000.

    11104 Chappell Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Harrell Mary W to Pepin Jared Dean and Brooke , $550,000.

    10804 Chipewyan Dr, Henrico; Mercurio Andrew D to Mercurio Hannah Minch, $477,500.

    3401 Cole’s Point Way, Glen Allen; Burns Virginia B Estate to Reilly Kevin J and Laura F , $355,000.

    6415 Cookes Farm Dr, Henrico; Jefferson Jordan B and Kaitlin M Thimsen to Ashby Robert L Jr and Karen V, $326,000.

    9112 Creekwalk Pl, Glen Allen; Raval Nihal V and Neha Mody to Nguyen Duy Thanh and Bach Kim Thi Vu, $545,000.

    23 S Daisy Ave, Henrico; Mccoy Keith P Ii to Mccoy Rex Bram, $180,000.

    67 Dehaven Dr, Henrico; Sipe Travis N and Ashley M to Carpino Nicole, $249,950.

    1316 Devers Rd, Henrico; Kersey William M and Elizabeth N to Rempe Richard Henry and Shelby Yvonne, $305,000.

    12480 Donahue Rd, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Kappeler Alan J and Joyce E, $686,619.

    4404 Duncan Park Ln, Glen Allen; Chandrasekararaja Balaji V M Et Al to Nalla Arun Reddy and Spurthi Kalva, $365,000.

    2321 Edenbrook Dr, Henrico; Steiner Carl F and Daniel C Trustee to Primed to Sell Va Llc, $255,000.

    4212 English Holly Cir, Henrico; Shalaski Kathleen L H and Mary T H Hanson to Hanson Teresa Hall, $162,500.

    1507 Ethridge Dr, Henrico; Morris Michael W to Wiseman Melanie, $225,000.

    2517 Farrand St, Henrico; Charity Bryant N to Harrison Wilbert A and Joyceann G , $230,000.

    7750 Flannagan Ct U504, Henrico; Wirsch Alana C and Benjamin E Kirk to Snead Robyn A and Fallyn T Farley, $169,950.

    5400 Forest Brook Dr, Henrico; Tran Thuyen Thanh and Quang M to Tran Lai K , $270,000.

    1208 Foxcroft Rd, Henrico; Deluke Lisa D to Spivey Mary Hart, $270,000.

    216 Fulham Cir, Henrico; Mbr Business Trust to Fox Gwendolyn and Haywood Jr, $374,000.

    10703 Gate House Pl, Glen Allen; Dunford Meridith and Matthew Frank to Shadid Madiha and Muhammad S Bin Naukhez, $370,000.

    2433 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va to Hanson Brian J and Sara K, $699,400.

    1917 Greenstone Ct, Glen Allen; Talati Meena K to Raju Thirulokasundari and Raju R, $285,000.

    12121 Grey Oaks Park Rd, Glen Allen; Houghtaling Justin M and Christina D to Rao Munukala R and Jaya Lakshmi Munukala, $620,000.

    8600 Hanford Dr, Henrico; Complete Home Design Llc to Friley Weslyn Ward, $379,900.

    5193 Hart Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Calhoun Christopher B to Goli Rajender P and Srujana Devulapally, $470,650.

    5611 Hawthorne Ave, Henrico; Ratliff Ronald and Glenn and Mark Et Al to Paramount Investments Llc, $177,000.

    338 Hay Mill Aly, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Mude Joshna Bai, $363,920.

    1914 Hilliard Rd, Henrico; Godfrey Joshua Abraham to Torkelson Cody Wes and Emma Cooper Mcalary, $359,000.

    6931 Horsepen Rd, Henrico; Shaver Gary C and Megan F to Delk Dawson R and Jennifer Q Castillo, $330,000.

    9525 Hungary Woods Dr, Glen Allen; Zaborowski Autumn E and James to Lam Kuong H and Joseph E Tiexeira Ii, $340,000.

    118 N Ivy Ave, Henrico; Dickerson Loni K to Royster Tanya, $220,000.

    12198 Kain Rd, Glen Allen; Kain Road Inc to Gowda Soundarya N and Madhu S, $1,224,000.

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    3001 Kenwood Ave, Henrico; Peacock Christopher R and Lisa D Crisman to Meadows Karen T , $270,000.

    2905 Lafayette Ave, Henrico; Lumpkin Frances to Peterson Ethan Robb, $220,000.

    11204 W Langham Ct, Henrico; Ashcraft Kim T to Houghtaling Robert J Jr and A S De Mello, $265,000.

    9705 Laurel Pine Dr, Henrico; Balwa Haroon and Parwana to Durham Christi L , $315,000.

    4748 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Patel Vipulkumar Popatlal and Dimpal V, $610,780.

    1024 Leslie Ann Dr, Henrico; Flcw Llc to Smith Iran and Mary A Vines, $245,000.

    11725 Lincolnshire Ct, Glen Allen; Haeseker Thomas P and Karen S to Cushman Ronald and Janice, $815,000.

    8709 Lonepine Rd, Henrico; Woolford William M and Linda and Judith to Heritage Holdings Group Llc, $215,000.

    9005 Lydell Dr, Henrico; Goodman Peggy B Trust to Mendoza Luis A, $285,000.

    9377 Man-O-War Ct U0909, Glen Allen; Almodovar Robert Sr to Sanchez Chaynel Garrido , $171,000.

    2816 Maplewood Rd, Henrico; Coe James P and Elizabeth M to Deans Matthew T and Kimberly G Leonard, $270,000.

    11901 Mason Park Way, Glen Allen; Miller Samuel S to Chigurupati Sravanthi P and Rajesh R B, $624,950.

    8203 Michael Rd, Henrico; Winston Velva B Estate to Complete Home Design Llc, $240,000.

    7415 Montrose Ave, Henrico; Prinzivalli John and Jana Hibbard to West Donna L, $230,000.

    5431 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; Richardson Rishana and Kwabena G Ampomah to Ruberangabo Jonathan, $329,900.

    2107 Nelson St, Henrico; Hairfield Clifton E Jr to Parsons Brian Keith Jr, $262,000.

    2803 Northlake Dr, Henrico; Coplan C J and P S Trustees to Ranji Balakishan and H Gopalakrishnan, $611,000.

    2812 Oakland Ave, Henrico; Home Solutions Of Va Llc to Dowdy Morgan, $335,000.

    2709 Old Glen Cir, Henrico; Walker Julia to Ahmad Abdel and Makbula Younes, $338,000.

    5408 Olde Milbrooke Dr, Glen Allen; Thate Group Llc to Sop Daniel and Jessica L Capano, $400,000.

    8402 Pamela Dr, Henrico; Gallagher David and Grace to Tagg Ryan, $300,000.

    1809 Parlow Dr, Henrico; Clay Street Investors Llc to Slentz Nickolas and Kyle Miller, $200,000.

    7946 Penniman Pl, Henrico; Lunardi Jeffrey S and Kimberly Hedley to Osborn Marcy V and Zachary W Hardin, $421,000.

    8720 Pine Top Dr, Henrico; Hayat Properties Llc to West Alonda, $300,000.

    2900 Port View Ct, Henrico; Mckone Sharon T to Martin Joseph Edward, $285,000.

    338 Purbrook Ln, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Khemasuwan Danai and N Suramaethakul, $648,118.

    2803 Queensland Dr, Henrico; Zmijewski Ann to Hurley Mark, $269,000.

    2010 Raintree Dr, Henrico; Robert A Johnson Living Trust to Hauck John D and Kachintorn Chomphoobut, $375,000.

    3904 Redstone Dr, Henrico; Burbic Jessica E to Martin Christina , $260,000.

    103 Rocketts Way, Henrico; Blue Crab Investors Llc to Bishop Barbara Streletzky, $510,000.

    4721 Rollingwood Ln, Glen Allen; Conway James V Iii to Houston Nakita Dawn, $399,200.

    3813 Rupert Ln, Henrico; Halbritter Marc A and Debora D to Dickerson Raymond Keith and Tracy L , $930,000.

    5017 Sadler Place Ter, Glen Allen; Kundu Bijoy K and Nabanita Majumdar to Wright Stephen W and Tiffany P, $586,500.

    1220 Santa Anna Rd, Henrico; Edris Lynn Parrish and Gregory W Trustees to Wright Kemper , $174,360.

    10812 Sebring Dr, Henrico; Conley Linda F to Gaglio John C and Teresa M , $325,000.

    10505 Servo Dr, Glen Allen; Upreti Ram C Iii and Tila Rupa to Dahal Suresh Raj and Ishori M Upreti, $300,000.

    4418 Silverfox Ln, Henrico; Cosby Cherelle to Banks Kysha and Felix, $156,000.

    117 South St, Henrico; New Canaan Properties Llc to Jones Larry M, $245,000.

    4536 Spring Moss Cir, Glen Allen; Jones Stephanie P to Pfister Lori A , $341,000.

    4728 Squaw Valley Ct, Glen Allen; Morgan Charles and Ha to Abdalameer Nibras, $450,000.

    2657 St Elias Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Hernandez Manuel R , $321,705.

    9204 Stone Meadow Dr, Henrico; Abraham Jobin and Alyne to Sultani Jawid A , $250,000.

    7717 Stuart Hall Rd, Henrico; Ballard David J to Cava Capital Llc, $230,000.

    2721 Tanager Rd, Henrico; Eddine Ghassan Zein and Helen Ghassan Zein to Zeineddine Fakhri Fred Wadih, $250,000.

    12212 Timbercross Pl, Henrico; Pergiotis Perry and Anna to Divakaran Nidheesh and Aneesha P N, $410,000.

    5125 Topping Ln, Glen Allen; Daly Eric and Kim to Huynh Cathy and Tian Phung, $537,500.

    11773 Triple Notch Ter, Henrico; Chang Ningyeh to Alvarado Jorge S, $460,000.

    1902 Vandover Rd, Henrico; Thedieck Charles G Iii &a to Cox Donald V and Mary K , $380,000.

    403 Virginia Ave, Sandston; Wolpert Tony C to Maddukuri Venkata Lakshmi Prasanna, $150,000.

    8804 Watlington Rd, Henrico; Mullins Mauna G to Ck Properties Llc, $350,000.

    9708 Wendhurst Dr, Glen Allen; Mentus Ronald L to Turner Taylor F Iv, $235,000.

    1621 Westcastle Dr, Henrico; Postma Philip J Jr and Marisa Marschall to Muwafiq Shaima and Muwafiq Abdul Qayum, $390,000.

    9308 Westmoor Dr, Henrico; Wean Nathaniel L and Kim L Tu-Wean to Simpson Mason H and Carli O, $495,000.

    2631 Wetherburn Ct, Henrico; Leroy Cyril F to Azevedo Jose Roberto Jr , $240,000.

    9111 Whitemont Dr, Henrico; Lacic Goran and Jadranka to Patel Tarunkumar and Shivani and Charmi, $350,000.

    1612 Willingham Rd, Henrico; Janus Charles E to Butrico Jonathan and Kelly, $390,000.

    11003 Winfrey Rd, Glen Allen; Smith Ray D and Carolyn A to Abernathy Construction Llc, $221,000.

    3608 Woodlynne Pl, Henrico; Leonard Thomas P Jr and Sarah P Ailsworth to Snyder Bradley H and Melinda W, $516,700.

    12717 Wyndham West Dr, Glen Allen; Varma Siddhartha and Kanika to Dugan Sean T and Lindsay , $835,000.

    471 Young Dr, Sandston; Liberty Homes Va Inc to Harris Dasha Monchel , $252,744.

    11006 Aldera Pl, Chesterfield; Diersing Mellissa to Albrecht Donald Hugh and Stoner Brenda Buchanan, $460,000.

    6301 Anise Cir, Moseley; Clayton Properties Group Inc to Slobodyan Margarita and Cevik Murat, $491,630.

    12702 Ashbrook Landing Ct, Midlothian; Moore Armenta S to Rothstein Peymaneh M, $319,500.

    12935 Ashtree Rd, Midlothian; Trent Denise A to Beane Shannon and Brown Carolyn A, $345,000.

    1300 Bach Ter, Midlothian; Smith Dennis P and Jean D to Whitmore Garrett F, $605,000.

    11407 Bailey Woods Dr, Midlothian; Meekins Gilbert B to Long Melissa Nicole, $243,950.

    12006 Bay Colony Ct, Chesterfield; Wilson Bruce D and Susan V to Borowicz Jeremy Paul and Jamie Silverthorne, $385,000.

    14311 Beach Rd, Chesterfield; Kilian Nicholas J and Ashley N to Sanford Group Llc, $278,000.

    2606 Beaver Falls Rd, Midlothian; Warwick Katherine to Sharples Kyle James and Andrews Aereona Dare, $260,000.

    13900 Belmont Stakes Ct, Midlothian; Lincoln James R and Laura A to Lawrence Franklin Darnell, $300,000.

    3924 Beulah Rd, North Chesterfield; Aiken William and Aiken Severin to Santos Jailene, $250,000.

    15601 Blooming Rd, Chesterfield; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Warren Gary and Linda, $446,298.

    13437 Blue Heron Loop, Chesterfield; Cequeria Anthony A and Elizabeth to Giallombardo Alisa M and Lowman John Z, $509,000.

    6193 Bowline Ln, North Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes to Morgan Dunesha, $277,035.

    5712 Brailen Dr, Moseley; D R Horton Inc to Elbakry Kareem, $474,805.

    4326 Briarwood Dr, North Chesterfield; Major Three Llc to Alvarez Jose Isabel, $157,000.

    10200 Brightwood Ave, North Chesterfield; Zuniga Ramos Rudy A Et Al to Ramos Ronald Antonio Morales, $230,000.

    6500 Brookshire Dr, North Chesterfield; Daniel Steven to Gonzalez Mildred, $242,000.

    8043 Buford Cmns, North Chesterfield; Henderson Wendy F to Stewart Dora T, $226,500.

    2125 Cantina Ln, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Hatcher Tara D, $490,115.

    13111 Carters Way Rd, Chesterfield; Ashe Betty Anne to Cason Stephen and Geneva, $281,875.

    3815 Centralia Rd, Chester; Barr Paul E Estate to Loud Investments Llc, $326,500.

    14200 Cherry St, Chester; Estep Jason D to Blackwell Quinton J, $225,000.

    8524 Chester Rd, North Chesterfield; Ferguson Marguerite W Estate to Samayoa Investments Llc, $251,000.

    3027 Chislet Dr, Midlothian; Hai Gulam and Akhter Tajafi to Perez Alexandra T, $439,950.

    11444 Claimont Mill Dr, Chester; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Carter Jeanette L, $230,185.

    14301 Clemons Cir, Midlothian; Bowles John R to Norton Sydney G Trustee and Hagan Deborah A Trustee, $595,000.

    4331 Cochise Trl, North Chesterfield; Burns John and Eads Malynda to Garcia Andy and Vasquez Juan, $290,000.

    13924 Collington Mews, Midlothian; Etzold Kimberly S and R L Jr to Moore Michele M, $426,000.

    8700 Corcoran Pl, Chesterfield; Mead Deborah F and Lasky R D to Hp Virginia I Llc, $300,000.

    18100 Cove Creek Dr, Moseley; Lifestyle Home Builders to Martino Thomas and Annette, $724,219.

    2106 Creek Bottom Way, North Chesterfield; Young Bruce O Jr to Lovejoy Justin K, $319,000.

    12612 Dawnridge Ct, Midlothian; Blackburn R J Jr and Laura to Monette Leigh Carleton, $415,000.

    2012 Deer Meadow Ln, Midlothian; Buchanan Sally H to Harding Jeffrey and Cheryl L, $255,000.

    8436 Den Bark Dr, North Chesterfield; Boyle Properties Llc to Hp Virginia I Llc, $270,000.

    13352 Diamond Ridge Dr, Midlothian; Pfitzer Kent M and Susan T to Axman Benjamin Lee and Nichole, $270,000.

    2042 Drumone Ct, Midlothian; Roberts Darren T and Deana N to Rapella Albert Iii and Kimberly, $785,000.

    18900 Duval Rd, Moseley; Jones Robert S and Rita D to Siegfried Kellie S and Slingluff William Jr, $360,000.

    3624 Edenfield Rd, Midlothian; Lamberth G F and Lamberth D N to Adams Richard D and Nancy M, $650,000.

    11624 Ellerbee Mill Ave, Chester; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Couturier Brian and Milburn Juliane L, $378,690.

    11325 Elokomin Ave, Chester; Rolling Ridge Llc to Miller Kyle A and Morrow Desirae S Terica, $330,942.

    2205 Eventide Dr, North Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Zou Ming and Xie Sai Xian, $300,150.

    4408 Exwick Ct, North Chesterfield; Pine Cone Investments Ii Llc to Thombs Ciara Nikia, $297,000.

    7929 Featherchase Ter, Chesterfield; Carter Anne B to Lupino Matthew, $275,000.

    5700 Fieldstone Rd, North Chesterfield; Delcid Jesus and Gladys to Onyango Mary M, $235,000.

    7924 Flag Tail Dr, Midlothian; Holmes Tonya R to Clark Brandon L, $310,000.

    3308 Fox Chase Dr, Midlothian; Darling Anne to Lowery Sarah and Peyton, $330,000.

    14309 Fox Knoll Dr, South Chesterfield; Tinney Charles F and Yvonne M to Andersen Melissa A and Ryan J, $325,000.

    3201 Gannet Ln, Midlothian; Swift Creek Development Llc to Mcclintock Andrew Clare and Malissa Theresa, $399,887.

    2117 Gateshead Dr, North Chesterfield; Gray Gertrude R to Crowther Daniel Alexander and Savannah Ruth, $300,000.

    4102 Gloucestershire St, North Chesterfield; Garcia Pedro G and Maza Vasny R to Harger Shawn, $315,000.

    17255 Gossamer Dr, Moseley; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to White Georgette, $332,530.

    13537 Green Spire Ct, Chester; Bischoff Dylan and Kelsie to Valdez Guadalupe, $380,000.

    3139 Gregwood Rd, Midlothian; Bergonzi David to Trek Properties Llc, $167,500.

    3310 W Grove Ave, Chester; Douthitt Phillip W to Wyatt William George Jr and Sabrina Lynn, $388,000.

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    9320 Halls Run Rd, Chesterfield; Avery Donald D and Et Als to Nisewonger Kenneth John and Brandy B, $199,000.

    6120 Harbourside Centre Loop, Midlothian; Mob Investment Partners Llc to Abmar Gk Harbourside Llc, $2,550,000.

    12349 Haydon Pl, Midlothian; Davis Michael C and Davis K B to Jakim Lisa Pauline, $330,000.

    10206 Hickory Rd, South Chesterfield; Eggleston J D and Ferguson J E to Cook Cody B and Autumn B, $252,900.

    6924 Holly Bark Dr, Midlothian; Matko Max M to Jamison Robert and Grauling Kristy, $280,000.

    21306 Hull Street Rd, Moseley; Hawkins Ronald L to Cabrera Salinas Nazira Z, $269,000.

    7201 Ingot Pl, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Sonnenberg Charles Christopher, $378,420.

    12513 Inverness Dr, Chester; Johnson Russell A to Sandhu Bikram, $475,700.

    3455 Ivyridge Dr, Chester; Williams Dallas J and Semra B to Rva Real Property Llc, $285,000.

    14200 Jeffries Pl, Midlothian; Rich Peter and Michelle Renee to Landrum Andrew Thomas and Adrian Troy, $475,000.

    400 Katrina Ct, Midlothian; Costen Ralph L Jr to 288 Lofts Lp, $200,000.

    6442 Kingsland Creek Ln, Chesterfield; Hines Paul L to Hawkins Mercedes Neshay, $334,000.

    13418 Koyoto Dr, Chester; Adams Lawrence E Iii and Lorena to Bianchinotti Delia and Mario, $320,000.

    13312 Lady Ashley Rd, Midlothian; Kolb John W and Judith M to Pristera Jeffrey M and Stephanie L, $405,000.

    13612 Laketree Dr, Chester; Martinko Robert J to Massey Lionel G and Tammy W, $305,000.

    16712 Laurel Park Dr, Moseley; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Chiarello James S and Glenda E, $354,945.

    4007 Liberty Point Dr, Midlothian; Coalson Jesse L and Krista L to Vaughan Willie L Jr and Stacy Y, $390,000.

    6255 Lilting Moon Dr, Moseley; Patel Roshni and Shah Sagar to Jacobs Dayne and Jennifer, $405,000.

    3935 Llewellyn Ln, Chesterfield; Gibson Pamela T to Wissinger Kimberly Ann, $280,000.

    12007 Longtown Dr, Chesterfield; Finer Homes Inc to Lee Pamela J, $375,066.

    3633 Luckylee Cres, North Chesterfield; Perez Carlos to Tyler-Holliday Demetrice, $155,900.

    16212 Mabry Mill Dr, Midlothian; Mercer Robert T and Darla D to Alson Brian David, $935,000.

    13824 Marsham Rd, Chester; NVR Inc to Walker Shalonda M, $440,645.

    4615 Mason Dale Ter, North Chesterfield; Buza Steven H and Lewerenz K M to Boom Jennifer, $215,000.

    6614 Mason Valley Dr, North Chesterfield; George Stern Living Trust to Saju Nithin M, $200,000.

    8802 Merseyside Ln, Chesterfield; Monafo Julia F to Roberts David Ross and Angela M, $400,000.

    14601 Mill Spring Cir, Midlothian; Dempster Gregory M and Michaux E to Dettmer Michael S and Jamie R, $250,000.

    5908 Misty Oak Ct, North Chesterfield; Parham Latoya D to Eshun Erica Lee and Philip, $289,000.

    11943 Mountain Laurel Dr, North Chesterfield; Burgard Anne E to Timmons Wesley L and Cozzati Elizabeth A, $291,000.

    7406 Native Dancer Dr, Midlothian; Tuck Mary T and Tuck Sarah B to Fischer Allison J and Durham Noah H, $270,000.

    7313 Nicklaus Cir, Moseley; New Direction Ira Inc Et Al to Gokaraju Mohana M and Alluri Aswini, $390,000.

    5814 Oak Knoll Rd, Midlothian; Kambeu-Kamguia Rebecca to Seaman John A Iv and Caitlin E, $385,000.

    14301 Old Beaver Ln, Chester; Davadi Homes Inc Of Va to Cruz Hernandez William A and Albayero Maria Victoria, $410,000.

    11834 Olde Coach Dr, Midlothian; Francis Montese E and Robert O to Search Vm Llc, $215,000.

    9920 Palmerston Rd, North Chesterfield; Leroux Louwrens J C to Johnson Machelle D, $345,000.

    3700 Pennyweight Ct, North Chesterfield; Fabian Deborah to Madden Christi Jeneen and Tucker Reggie T, $369,500.

    5229 Plum St, North Chesterfield; Purcell Billy J and Alise N to Carias Mendoza Meritza A and Mejia Jose B, $211,000.

    1442 Porters Mill Ter, Midlothian; Harrison Robert W Jr to Perry Tamirah D, $227,000.

    1920 S Providence Rd, North Chesterfield; Commander William O Jr and D S to Manka Ruth E, $365,000.

    8413 Putford Ct, Chesterfield; Barfield Samuel A Jr and Mylan to Pusey William A Iii and Makenzie M, $485,000.

    13701 Ramblewood Dr, Chester; Halliday Charles H and Seaney to Douthitt Phillip, $240,000.

    5030 Red Fern Ct, Midlothian; Rizzuti Christopher and Tylus A to Najar Halimeh and Wadi Hassan, $375,000.

    6607 Regal Grove Dr, Chesterfield; Hall Steven J and Wendy L to Hp Virginia I Llc, $365,000.

    14317 Revelry Blvd, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Carter Mark and Nicole, $418,800.

    14345 Revelry Blvd, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Arredondo Genaro and Guajardo Maria Luisa, $422,645.

    14713 Ridge Point Dr, Midlothian; Slabach Ryan Troy Brubaker to Rose Shannon Marie, $312,000.

    3328 Robious Forest Way, Midlothian; Lau Raymond C and Reiko S to Copper Jon Stephen and Megan I, $665,000.

    10101 Ronaldton Rd, North Chesterfield; Ashman Robert to Wolfe Steven, $245,000.

    18212 Sagamore Dr, Moseley; NVR Inc to Stringer Charles Sr and Monica, $656,919.

    3200 Sailview Dr, Midlothian; Sensabaugh Cordell L and Donna P to Hobaugh John and Stephanie, $570,000.

    5707 Sandstone Ridge Ter, Midlothian; Mcdaniel C N and Norfleet J B to Ger Cristian F and Cassee R, $374,950.

    8511 Scottingham Ct, North Chesterfield; Kb Coppola Llc to Jarrett Christopher Blair, $207,000.

    7842 Shady Banks Ter, Chesterfield; Bukovich M W and Sheffield C M to Thompson Jean O and Jack Harvey, $277,080.

    4201 Sherman Rd, North Chesterfield; Jordan Dorothy S to Diaz Elmer and Ivi C, $166,500.

    4700 Singing Bird Dr, Moseley; Homesmith Construction Inc to Callaghan Nikki C, $565,552.

    13620 Solstice Close , Midlothian; Thurston Hance R and Kenda C to Fenn Joel and Sarah, $730,000.

    6112 Springwood Rd, North Chesterfield; Smith Chester F Jr and Drecilla to Holloway Barbara J, $350,000.

    3112 Sterling Brook Dr, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Anderson Shenia D, $329,470.

    4404 Stoney Creek Pkwy, Chester; Neal Eric S to Jackson Ronald D, $351,263.

    5224 Summerleaf Dr, North Chesterfield; Gregory Alanna to Pelayo Efren and Maritza, $199,000.

    8008 Sussex Pl, Chesterfield; Miller Benjamin to Tackett Emmons, $186,000.

    2401 Tanglebrook Rd, Midlothian; Krause Craig M and Mikaian M to Travers Richard Ryan, $245,600.

    5640 Teterling Ct, Chester; Wilmoth William M to Wilmoth William M Iii and Brooke M, $360,000.

    18131 Timber Banks Ln, Moseley; 6801 Woolridge Rd-Moseley Lp to Homesmith Construction Inc, $162,825.

    12301 Tollcross Rd, Midlothian; Ferguson Colin T to Crawley Joshua E and Kirsten L, $317,000.

    5766 Trail Ride Dr, Moseley; Qhoc Of Greenbrier Woods Llc to Smith Troy W Jr and Joy Marie, $450,000.

    4131 Treely Rd, Chester; Bush Terry L and Linda F to Tong Kanisha, $265,000.

    18007 Twin Falls Ln, Moseley; Crews James R and Kari Toombs to Taylor Allison Puryear and Alexander Mitchell, $460,000.

    12361 Villas Dr, Chester; Patel K I and Patel C I Trustees to Schaible Daniel Joseph and Virginia Joy, $315,000.

    1310 Walton Creek Dr, Midlothian; Yuih Steve N and Stacy to Jones David P and Joan M, $460,000.

    1410 Water Willow Dr, Midlothian; Watson William N to Hp Virginia I Llc, $240,000.

    4891 Wedgemere Rd, Chesterfield; Wild David M to Bedoya Cardona Luz M, $255,000.

    2402 Whirland Ct, Midlothian; Clayton Properties Group Inc to Salem Marwan M and Joudeh Majd Y, $493,595.

    1700 White Cedar Ln, North Chesterfield; Cappiello Dawn James and Chris to Garnes Nicole, $225,000.

    5931 Willowbranch Dr, North Chesterfield; Probst Karen E to Ngo Ha Minh, $240,000.

    7857 Winding Ash Pl, Chesterfield; Beall Joshua A to Rachel Keith J and Korrin, $300,000.

    10137 Winston Park Pl, North Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Pringle Scott, $437,730.

    2842 Woodbridge Crossing Ct, Midlothian; Pennino Michael R and Susan K to Winders Matthew, $221,000.

    2318 Worchester Rd, Midlothian; Johnson B D and Johnson A M Trs to Saunders Jeffrey W and Sarah M, $652,000.

    10.23 acres; Rebecca H. Brannon to Allen F. Hatch, $225,000.

    10064 Aragon Drive, Mechanicsville; Jeanette Renee Bowman, trustee to Gregory Milefsky, $352,500.

    9457 Assembly Way, Mechanicsville; Martine Jackson, trustee to Rhonda D. Linton, $375,000.

    15411 Beaver Den Lane, Beaverdam; Olaide Babtope Olusina to Nathaniel Crisler, $504,950.

    8016 Blythe Road, Mechanicsville; Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Bryan A. McIntee, $466,570.

    7103 Bruce Academy Court, Mechanicsville; Linda C. Waddell to Tiffany R. Dodson, $250,000.

    7204 Cherry Leaf Way, Mechanicsville; Mary Lynn Pregler to Robert James Strath, $365,000.

    7512 Deborah Drive, Mechanicsville; Jonathan M. Andrews to Hunter Marcus Breeden, $275,000.

    7542 Dress Blue Drive, Mechanicsville; Peggy Lee Hedgepeth to Matthew Kyle Mutty, $428,000.

    9212 Fairfield Farm Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Christopher Rabold, $457,995.

    10354 Farm Glen Way, Glen Allen; Farmstead Villas LLC to Mark P. Silakowski, $375,178.

    7515 Gold Coast Lane, Mechanicsville; Jacob Allen Coleman to Taylor Ackerman, $339,950.

    1900 Greenstone Court, Glen Allen; Syed Rashed Hossain to Justin L. McDonald, $423,500.

    10112 Hollythorne Lane, Mechanicsville; Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Michael Scott Moody, $611,443.

    9753 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Anne F. Bedner, $560,930.

    8905 Ingleside Farm Lane, Mechanicsville; Zachary Swartz to Kathryn J. Brackmann, $435,000.

    9323 John Wickham Way, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to David Timothy Sovine, $630,392.

    12308 Kilbourne Hill Drive, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Steven M. Thompson, $560,694.

    14065 Little Bear Court, Montpelier; Matthew T. Baskind to Rosolino Taormina, $590,000.

    Lot 12, Section 2, Lankford’s Crossing; Lankford Crossing LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia, $520,000.

    Lot 3, Block C, Arlington Square; Donna G. Harvey to Thomas S. Depas, $200,500.

    Lot 5, Section 2, Woods at Vontay; Geoffrey J. Lewis to Russell Hess, $699,900.

    Lot 9, Section 9A, Hickory Hill; Lekram Investment LLC to Gregoire Development Corp., $175,000.

    8189 Lyman Court, Mechanicsville; Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Jason C. Inge, $512,772.

    9390 Marne Court, Mechanicsville; Godsey Properties Inc. to Matthew Hamilton Mawyer, $471,650.

    10993 Milestone Drive, Mechanicsville; Nancy E. Grasson to Adam C. Marks, $519,000.

    9111 Mossybrook Road, Mechanicsville; Dante S. Hill to Danielle Y. Jones, $270,000.

    9404 Nolandwood Drive, Mechanicsville; Anthony Tyler to Robert L. Jose, $630,000.

    Parcel; Brooks Investments III Co. Inc. to Hickory Hill Road Virginia LLC, $3,951,750.

    10147 Peach Blossom Road, Mechanicsville; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Matthew B. Stroud, $624,150.

    5346 Pole Green Road, Mechanicsville; Michael Hollis Okamoto to Anne E. Grindstaff, trustee, $250,000.

    13378 Quietwood Lane, Ashland; Steven Randolph Holder to Jonathan Miles Mason, $315,000.

    7035 River Valley Road, Mechanicsville; Jeffrey Kiline to John Tyler Naboychik, $285,000.

    9245 Rural Point Drive, Mechanicsville; Charles V. Goulet to Terry A. Hinkins, $345,000.

    Section 4, Giles 4; Giles Construction LLC to NVR Inc., $226,300.

    8199 Silkwood Drive, Mechanicsville; Robert J. Strepka to Kenneth W. Hill, $407,500.

    9280 Staple Lane, Mechanicsville; Michael Davis to Marianne Rae Minton, $822,500.

    11008 Sugar Loaf Drive, Mechanicsville; Joseph E. Martin to George S. Wallace, $395,000.

    7477 Tangle Ridge Drive, Mechanicsville; Terry Sullivan to Ronnie S. Hollins, $195,000.

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    8255 Trudi Place, Mechanicsville; Ronald D. Nolan to Jamillah Kinard, $415,000.

    8272 Wonderland Lane, Mechanicsville; Sarah P. Belcher to Deidre L. Belcher, $275,000.

    7278 Yellow Wood Tree Place, Mechanicsville; Donna H. Carroll, successor trustee to Karl M. Glotzl, $385,000.

    11271 Carriage House Lane, Amelia Court House; Rock River Inc. to Richard Dunlap, $435,794.

    24831 St. James Road, Jetersville; Thomas R. Gleason to Ryan C. Skeen, $235,000.

    3021 Eastbury Lane, Charles City; Vicki B. Dean to Joshua Morris, $555,000.

    114 Brijadan La.; Garcia, Allison Brooke to Blanding, Ellen M., $350,000.

    904 Dogwood Dr.; Landpark 2 Properties, Llc, to Young, Janet A., $277,000.

    1308 Hermitage Rd.; Coffey, Patrick F. to Cruz, Fabian De La, $288,000.

    299 Kennon Point Dr.; Howard-Sleeper, Edna Y to Murray, Trustee Wayne John, $337,900.

    513 Old Town Dr.; Johnson, Anne K to Kelly, Paul Michael, $185,000.

    124 Sherwood Dr.; Samples, Zachary S. to Flore, James, $210,000.

    3130 Woodlawn Av.; Hall, Steven E. to Gattis, Monica Renee, $208,000.

    11 Coon Club Road, Cumberland; Felipe Lopez Fuentes to Jesus Lopez Fuentes, $170,000.

    Lot 50, Fairview Farms; Timothy A. Shreve to Kimberly A. Hayes-McIntosh, $232,500.

    2 parcels; Walgreen Co. to Project Saturn NLP LLC, $4,940,000.

    76.72 acres; Anana Investments LLC to Green Oil LLC, $700,000.

    3518 Chesdin Blvd., Sutherland; Gerald J. Berry to Robert E. Peterson Jr., $517,000.

    10312 Doyle Blvd., McKenney; Donald C. Simmons to Robert D. Colvin III, $250,000.

    18522 Goode Lane, Dinwiddie; Tracy B King to Richard Underwood, $581,500.

    22111 Lake Jordan Landing, Dinwiddie; Maria Tonette Phillips to Corey Bland, $349,000.

    24620 Reams Drive, North Dinwiddie; Paul B. Adkins to Donna Hevener, $229,900.

    3 acres; Justin M. Small to Mackenzie Lewis, $232,000.

    5 lots, Section 4B, Mosaic at West Creek; HHHunt Mosaic LLC to HHHunt Homes LC, $504,540.

    12325 Beech Hall Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to A.J. Hostetler, $663,297.

    4126 Clay Morris Estates Drive, Louisa; Renovatio III LLC to James Swantek, $380,000.

    1767 Fishers Bond Drive, Maidens; Biringer Builders Inc. to Alice A. Brown, $830,455.

    2346 Hampden Road, Goochland; Paul T. McMahon to Wanda Leigh Fitzgerald, $385,000.

    814 Kline Court, Goochland; Karen M. Kent to Jeffrey Thomas Garell, $419,900.

    Lot 12, Pembroke Farm; John Stefan Cametas to Rachel Omdahl Davis, $800,000.

    2306 Maidens Road, Maidens; Origin Medical Group LLC to John Lewis McPherson, $380,000.

    Parcel; W. Scott Gibbs to Evan T. Hegan, $325,000.

    4 Roads End Lane, Richmond; Kevin G. Boll Jr. to Christopher Herron, $1,475,000.

    2816 Timber Rail Drive, Sandy Hook; Brian N. Chilton to Christopher R. Long, $505,000.

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    321 Bull Run Drive; Ty R. Kitchen to Konan K. Ouassa, $227,500.

    3102 Day St.; Charles J. Koutnik to Joshua Paul Seyler, $204,000.

    3815 Liberty Ave.; Lana S. Shelley to Laura Hill, $188,500.

    2915 Maple St.; David J. Shank to Fredys Torres Martinez, $150,000.

    3907 Schooner Lane; Robert M. Gregory to Keishia Champion Anderson, $272,000.

    1927 Algonquin Trail, Williamsburg; Bryce A. Lewis to Brandon Walker, $190,000.

    8452 Ashington Way, Williamsburg; James Y. Chou to Corey A. Nichols, $485,000.

    4269 Boxwood Lane, Williamsburg; Anna R. Haught to Alton A. Lightfoot, $345,000.

    108 Captain Graves, Williamsburg; Gerald S. Hanley to Robert Marshall, $685,000.

    232 Charleston Place, Williamsburg; Jody A. Reynolds to Christopher B. Swientek, $385,000.

    9809 Coral Bells Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Ralph Perez, $408,575.

    3502 Dahlia Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Michael Scott Sollom, $495,000.

    115 Edward Wyatt Drive, Williamsburg; Michael J. Scritchfield, trusteee to Margaret Hulvey Smith, $475,000.

    6 Foxcroft Road, Williamsburg; Isaac J. Zortman to Ian P. Dressel, $380,000.

    3304 Geddy Terrace, Toano; Brandon Kade Estes to Alexander M. Brown, $370,000.

    3412 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; James A. Mikaloff to Justin D. Walker, $325,000.

    2600 Hutchinson Place, Williamsburg; Royden S. Edwards to John T. Gateau, $435,000.

    152 Jubilee, Williamsburg; Ronald J. Foy to David L. Stankus, trustee, $675,000.

    4389 Landfall Drive, Williamsburg; Michael B. Watson to Cameron Nelson, $959,500.

    105 Little Aston, Williamsburg; Roy E. Logan, trustee to Kathryn Michelle Simmons, $600,000.

    Lot 168, Greensprings West; Louis Karnes to Joann T. Andrews, trustee, $599,000.

    Lot 5, Kingspoint; Frank George Kanelos to Sutherland Properties Virginia LLC, $355,000.

    4320 Lydias Drive, Williamsburg; Patricia A. Sparks to Marcella Morris, $390,000.

    2804 Middle Woodland Close, Williamsburg; Ernest T. Whitus Jr. to Marion A. Clary, $975,000.

    243 Mildred Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Jonathan Gonzalez, $355,730.

    2239 Moonlight Point, Williamsburg; B&G LLC to Bret Zamzow, $472,600.

    3053 Old Grove Lane, Toano; Anthony Muller to Michael S. Fagan, $301,000.

    Parcel C, Courthouse Green; Building C, LLC to James City County, $2,080,000.

    92 Pheasant Run, Williamsburg; Eric J. Dawnkaski to Karen G. Red, $225,000.

    124 Princeville, Williamsburg; Jacob A. Graeber to Donald Norman Durran, $770,000.

    117 Puffin Lane, Williamsburg; Harry H. Blanke III to Melanie N. Eames, $387,000.

    228 Richard Brewster, Williamsburg; Russell L. Rote to John Jeffrey Kissler, $540,000.

    4204 Rosewood Court, Williamsburg; Jami M. Brayton to Eric Preckl, $335,000.

    3704 Shackleton Lane, Williamsburg; Jakob C. Bradfield to Michael A. Harrison, $355,000.

    1751 Skiffes Creek Terrace, Williamsburg; Jeffrey J. Clemens to Ronald Brockington, $160,000.

    100 Stoke Poges, Williamsburg; Bruce E. Krai to Leonard S. Payne, $625,000.

    5133 Thomas Court, Williamsburg; Cameron Jones Hodnefield to Mark Hickman, $335,000.

    3609 Trillium Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Michael W. Bolin, $492,873.

    Unit 413, Foundation Square; Lisa E. Rubin to Jamael Barber, $290,000.

    4553 Village Park Drive East, Williamsburg; Johann Francis Ducharme to Scott Roop, $351,000.

    6508 Westbrook Drive, Williamsburg; U.S. Home Corp. to Daniel T. Rogers III, $486,390.

    124 Wilderness Lane, Williamsburg; PW Development Inc. to Andrew Westervelt, $409,900.

    4775 Winterberry Court, Williamsburg; David R. Hilliard to Mark Richard Cruciani, $459,000.

    318 Breach Lane, Shacklefords; Lincoln V. Graff to Matthew S. Howells, $323,000.

    728 Anne Lane, Aylett; Harry W. McCormack to Brian Walton, $260,000.

    980 Commins Road, Aylett; Robert A. Powell to Holly Lightfoot, $551,000.

    57 East Spring Drive, Aylett; Brandon Sandridge to Barton F. Stone, $250,000.

    1992 Kennington Park Road, Aylett; Judith D. Burnette to Tommy Nixon, $231,750.

    1515 Lee St., West Point; Sara Raine Harper to Charles R. Pierce, $217,000.

    306 Madison Court, Aylett; Jason Lyn Bass to Kerri Lynn Meeks, $290,000.

    Parcel; James L. Brooks II to Crystal M. Brown, $189,900.

    546 Sara Court, Aylett; Patricia B. Ballance to Linda M. Robbins, $270,000.

    333 Wendenburg Terrace, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to Ing Lee Schubert, $290,079.

    26.69 acres; The Rt. Rev. Susan Ellyn Goff to Tidewater and Big Bend Foundation, $190,000.

    6100 Brickshire Drive, Providence Forge; Michael L. Taylor to Michael Schmidt, $410,000.

    7283 Cress Terrace, New Kent; John Anthony Stehura Jr. to Tomeki Denise Brinkley, $369,990.

    7827 Faisan Lane, New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to Nicole Denise Perry, $339,990.

    6548 Hadley Hill Lane, Quinton; W.V. McClure Inc. to Michael A. Snawder, $475,922.

    3686 Kingsfield Road, Quinton; Liberty Homes Virginia Inc. to Daniel Scott Jones, $343,050.

    Lots, Section 1, The Cottages at Viniterra; Reesebrooks Land Co. LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc., $640,000.

    5478 Pergola Lane, Providence Forge; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Miguel Humberto Guzman Salgado, $507,915.

    1108 Riverside Drive, Lanexa; Mark L. Warner to Garrett C. Javersak, $269,900.

    7440 Sedge Drive, New Kent; D.R. Horton Inc. to William Rhett Hunt, $424,130.

    10437 Virginia Rail Terrace, Providence Forge; David G. Moniz to Shelly Ellis, $317,000.

    3200 Boydton Plank Road; L.B. Foster Co. to J.D. Fields & Co. Inc., $500,000.

    18 E Fillmore St.; Tony B. Sipple to Malcolm Schweizer, $275,000.

    811 Hampton Road; William L. Byrd to Diversified Residential Homes LLC, $160,000.

    1814 Lamar Ave.; Isale Properties LLC to Chaster Marcus McCorkle, $188,000.

    120 S Old Church St.; Central Virginia Home Improvements LLC to Veronica D. White, $200,000.

    3.455 acres; Jason E. McCabe to Karen Adler, $289,000.

    2104 Autumn Oaks Lane, Powhatan; Kyle H. Cook to James Joseph Zahringer, $310,000.

    2249 Brittany Lane, Powhatan; Susan R. Lawson to John Hunter Martin, $300,000.

    3588 Calvins Trail, Powhatan; Windswept Development LLC to Timothy M. Downing, $470,912.

    1415 Eastlake Lane, Powhatan; Michael R. Brandt to Donna McManners, $356,000.

    1490 Greenberry Road, Powhatan; Dennis F. Weir to Ian C. Weir, $360,000.

    1637 Lake Randolph Drive, Powhatan; Benjamin T. Willix, Jr. to Jonathan D. Powell, $370,000.

    Lots 5 and 6, Block B, Lake Shawnee; Shirley O. Wiseman to Mary S. Prentice, $175,000.

    3017 Mill Mount Lane, Powhatan; Chet Hedrick to Benjamin Stevens Corriveau, $480,000.

    1769 Old Powhatan Estates, Powhatan; Betty B. Richardson to Kerry K. Thomas, $375,000.

    3918 Peterfield Lane, Powhatan; Village Building Co. Inc. to Anne Gabelya Miranian, $394,950.

    3584 Walkers Branch, Powhatan; Windswept Development LLC to Curtis Lafitt Simmons, $445,025.

    2240 Westwood Pine Drive, Powhatan; Mary L. Norford to Sean Stramaglia, $429,000.

    4001 Birchett Place, Prince George; Aurora Mebrahtu to Dickendy Barthelmy, $325,000.

    6840 Cedarcrest Lane, Prince George; Scott Harris to Joshua Wade Zevgolis, $265,000.

    10471 Hines Road, Disputanta; John W. Rutledge to Justin P. Walsted, $317,000.

    10620 Lawyers Road, Prince George; Chappell Construction LLC to Robert Timothy English, $370,000.

    3030 Meadow View Blvd., Prince George; Tracy Y. Owens to Rasheva Ronnay Simpson, $302,000.

    3507 Old Wood Road, South Prince George; Jeffrey Allan Mitchell, trustee to Catherine E. Roettjer, $250,000.

    19055 Templeton Road, Carson; Michael S. Avery Contractor LLC to Erin T. Rook, $342,500.

    237 acres; Waverly Motors Inc. to B. Franklin Cox, $455,000.

    15413 Bell Road, Yale; Fred F. Johnson Jr. to Abrashia D. Graves, $180,000.

    201 Brookwood Drive; Steven P. Sowell to David E. Jones, trustee, $399,900.

    117 Mimosa Drive; PW Development Inc. to Andrew M. Brighton, $475,000.

    113 Walnut Hills Drive; Peter A. Alces to Aurora Lemere, trustee, $545,000.

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