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The following property transfers are listed on deeds filed at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown. FMV means fair market value and typically is based upon assessed taxable value.

• Bright Smiles Dental Care Inc. to Fast N Furious LLC, 2804 Ring Road, Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration. FMV: $300,000.

• Alexander H. and Hannah Best to Jan R. Green, Lot 11, St. Brigid Subdivision, Vine Grove, $158,000.

• Joseph J. Jerdee to Joseph J. Jerdee and Darlene Nunn, Lot 91, Santa Fe Subdivision, Elizabethtown, no monetary consideration. FMV: $94,750.

• Sean and Megan Konwinski to Garrison D. and Paola C. Groh, Lot 21, Hunters Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $310,000.

• John E. Schuler to Ryan Neal Popplewell and Samantha Jo Lyman, Lot 11, Ripple Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $249,900.

• Chris F. and Jana V. Stoinoff to Timothy Thompson, Lot 10, Scenic Acres Subdivision, Radcliff, $200,000.

• Sea Patrick Perry and Kaitlyn Perry to Kori B. Kuzma, eight acres off Ky. 251, Elizabethtown, $10,185.43.

• Trinity and Lori Searcy to Laura Woodard, Section 2, Lot 25, Blackburn Estates, Rineyville, $25,400.

• Bluegrass Developers of Hardin County LLC to E-town Homes Inc., Section 9, Lot 268, Nicholas Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $45,000.

• Shirley R. and Lester E. Grey to Wendy G. Hodge, 18187 Salt River Road, Big Clifty, $86,500.

• Kenneth R. and Donna Smith to Alexis Singleton, 301 State St., Elizabethtown, $183,450.

• Timothy James Schablik to Ralph and Dawna Beam, Section 1, Lot 45, Quail Hollow Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $47,005.

• Ann M. Reding to Benjamin and Erica Covell, 1210 Johnstown Road, Elizabethtown, $200,000.

• Matthew Aaron Ennis and Kimberly C. Ennis to Rachelle Lynn Lamberson and Mark Dewayne Lamberson, 168 Shacklette Court, Vine Grove, $435,000.

• Jacob and Heather Owens to Meghan and Dallas Gambrel, five acres off Harris School Road, Rineyville, $68,000.

• R. Crew Properties LLC to Robert and Angela J. Zoeller, 23 Whispering Pines Way, Elizabethtown, $365,000,

• Richard and Scarlett Wheeling to Joshua Don Wilson and Rachel Beth Wilson, 25 acres im Solway, Constantine area, $150,000.

• Fall Creek LLC to HSF Homes LLC, Section 1, Lot 2A, Fall Creek Estates, Elizabethtown, $89,000.

• Matthew M. and Lori S. Beck to Vincent Barnes Sr. and Regina Barnes, Section 6, Lot 449, Vineland Park Subdivision, Vine Grove, $401,000.

• Stephen W. and Katie J. Keary to Evan and Kristin Webb, 104 Springhurst Court, Elizabethtown, $460,000.

• Audrey Nicole Straney to Roben I. Washington, Phase V, Lot 131, Highland Springs Subdivision, Vine Grove, $293,000.

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• William Sexton to Emikay LLC, 1181 Vine St., Radccliff, $38,000.

• Manuia and Jane V. Siagatonu to Joe Milesko Realtor LLC, Section 2, Lot 14A, Mallard Creek Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $185,000.

• Gary K. and Diane M. Richardson to Sterling Property Group LLC, Section 3, Lot 84, Whispering Hills Subdivision, Radcliff, $132,500.

• Michael C. Buehler and Mary Ellen Buehler to Alex Cannon Ray and Emily Lynn Ray, 5.718 acres known as Lot 5, Huffer Farm Subdivision, Rineyville, $79,000.

• Eric and Doris Cook to Travis Carl Dennis, 10 Richardson Road, Eastview, $120,000.

• Christin N. and Timothy L. Swords to Fred Neville Halberg and Geneva Rose Halberg, 1457 Tunnel Hill Road, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $82,700.

• Ashley R. and Gregg D. Allen to Jason Michael Grimm and Polly Amber Grimm, 371 Pleasant Colony Drive, Elizabethtown, $615,000.

• CMH Homes Inc. to Teresa Marrie Tibby and Kyle Matthew Tibby, Section 3, Lot 22, Carriewood Estates, Rineyville, $23,000.

• Estate of Joyce Kinser to James and Patricia Kershaw, Section II, Lot 25, Stoneridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $410,000.

• John E. and Tamara G. Mattingly to B&M Development LLC, Lot 2D, Mel’s Acres Subdivision, Deckard School Road, Radcliff, $400,000.

• TDA Properties Inc. to Latitude Builders LLC, Section 1, Lot 2, Summit Creek Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $47,500.

• Katherin Santos to Kimberly Marie Kapiolani Glover, Section 2, Lot 70, Woodlawn Acres Subdivision, Radcliff, $150,000.

• Heartland Group LLC and Hammer Properties LLC to Van Zant Offices LLC, 2405 Ring Road, Unit C, Heartland Professional Building, Elizabethtown, $375,000.

• Bryan and Jessica Hodge to Treaver R. and Lisa L. Ashley, Lot 55, Rockwood Estates, Rineyville, $168,000.

• Latitude Builders LLC to Anthony W. Chaney Jr. and Alia Chaney, Section 1, Lot 25A, Pellman Manor Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $425.250.

• John and Brenda Warren Living Trust to Robert A. Wilbert, Section 2, Lot 5, Bryan Acres Estates, Rineyville, $310,000.

• Cory Dale Kleinjan and Adrian C. Kleinjan to Eric T. and Kristen M. Arredondo, Section 1, Lot 3, Cowley Crossing, Triple Crown Subdivision, Radcliff, $415,000.

• Farmingdale LLC to Terry C. and Annie Embry, Lot 2B, Farmingdale Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $157,500.

• Farmingdale LLC to Elizabethtown Short Term Rentals LLC, Lots 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B, 6A amd 6B, Farmingdale Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $870,000.

• Richard L. and Nancy L. Mattingly to Richard Mattingly, Nancy Mattingly and Jennifer Bocanegra, 548 Stovall Road, Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $102,000.

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• Kenneth W. and Donna M. Babcock to Melissa Merriman and Clayton Clancy, Loot 4D-1, Nellis Phillips Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $478,000.

• Bertha Adams to Dinita Fizer, Section 2, Lot 80, University Acres Subdivision, Radcliff, $181,000.

• Jenkins Holdings LLC to Frankie and Melanie Dupree, Block A. Lots 9 and 10, The Highlands Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $334,000.

• Andyce Properties LLC to Tiffany L. Rock, 95 Bill Court, Elizabethtown, $100,000.

• Ken-Mar Investments LLC to Latitude Builders LLC, Section 7, Lot 250, Summit Creek Subdivision, Highpoint Court, Elizabethtown, $42,250.

• Estate of Virginia M. Miller to Redhead LLC, three acres at 16940 Leitchfield Road, Big Clifty, $210,100.

• Estate of Virginia M. Miller to William and Shelia Peters and Ben and Tana Hammons, one-half undivided interest in Lot 2, Freedom Way Subdivision, Sonora-Hardin Springs Road, Eastview, $30,250.

• Steve and Samantha Reynolds to Bryan Barton and Kim Cannon, Lot 4, Charles Anderson Subdivision, Nichols Street, Elizabethtown, $148,000.

• James L. and Colleen E. Richards to Thomas A. and Sarah A. Dil, 309 Country Lane, Radcliff, $396,000.

• Silver Land Inc. to Lee Alan Evans and Kari Elizabeth Evans, Lot 6, Bennington Place, Elizabethtown, $425,000.

• Sandra K. Boyd and Jay Douglas Boyd to Michael Dewayne Vaughn, Cynthia Rose Vaughn, Michael Dewayne Vaughn II and Rebecca Vaughn, Lot 1, Angel Run Subdivision, Safari Trail, Vine Grove, $8,050.

• Sandra K. Boyd, Jay Boyd, Joseph R. Bartley, Norma Bartley, Paula J. Mattingly, Patrick Mattingly, Fredda Tarwater and the Edwin A. and Dotty L. Hart Trust to Michael Dewayne Vaughn, Cynthia Rose Vaughn, Michael Dewayne Vaughn II and Rebecca Vaughn, 40.856 acres off Safari Trail, Vine Grove, $229,500.

• Affordable Investments LLC to Michael Dewayne Vaughn and Cynthia Rose Vaughn and Michael Dewayne Vaughn II and Rebecca Vaughn, undivided half interest in 691 Safari Trail, Vine Grove, $8,000.

• Kenneth R. and Celeste Richardson to Billy Joe Brockman and Amy Patricia Brockman, Section 2, Lot 49A, Monterey Subdivision, Elizabethtown, $500,000.

• Ridgeway Property Managements LLC to Robinbrooke Crossings LLC, Section 1, Tract 3, and Section 1, Lot 8, Arlington Park Subdivision, Elizabethtown, transfer to member company, no monetary consideration. FMV: $2 million.

• Brandon August Phillips and Brittany Lee Phillips to Electric Town LLC, 127 Eastview Road, Cecilia, $189,000.

• Louis and Tiffany Nichols to Jason Lee Bealmear and Shannon Marie Lowe, Lot 1, Evelyn’s Addition, Leitchfield Road, Cecilia, $220,000.

• Steven Haines Timmons to Kathleen Alexandra Lopez and Rickardo Lopez, Lot 72, Presidential Estates, Elizabethtown, $290,000.

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• Estate of Theda Marie Overbay to Jerry Overbay, property off Mount Zion Road, Elizabethtown, settling of estate. FMV: $150,000.

• David W. and Samantha Woosley to David and Maria Cristina Beals, 125 Hopewell Court, Elizabethtown, $349,000.

• Isabel Investments LLC to Relentless Holdings LLC, 411 Blackjack Road, Radcliff, $60,000.

• Nicholas C. Tomassi and Mayra Emperatriz Tomassi to Alisha C. Lancaster, 127 Alpine Drive, Vine Grove, $235,000.

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• Estate of Mary Grace Burroughs to William Mineo, Annex 2, Lot 23, St. Brigid Subdivision, Vine Grove, $225,000.

• Katherine Elizabeth Norris and Jason Smith to James and Theresa Keenum, 133 Long Hollow Road, Rineyville, $252,500.

• Shela Ann McFarlin and David Leigh Redmond to Nelve Puckett McFarlin III and Linda Ray McFarlin, Lot 14A, Straney Heights Subdivision, Vine Grove, $200,000.

• Michael M. and Jamie Leasor to Samantha K. and David W. Woosley, Lots 2 and 3, Southern Hills Subdivision, Rineyville, $402,000.

• Tony and Chelsey Wilson to Matthew Aaron Ennis and Kimberly Ennis, 24.083 acres off Leitchfield Road and Western Kentucky Parkway, Eastview, $333,333.

• Megan and Austin Varela to Quinn and Jessica Ballard, 308 Village Drive, Elizabethtown, $179,000.

• Benjamin and Susan Humphries Revocable Living Trust to HHP Trust, 708 Dogwood Drive, Elizabethtown, valuable consideration. FMV: $300,000.

• Benjamin and Susan Humphries Revocable Living Trust to HOP Trust, 108 E. Poplar St., Elizabethtown, valuable consideration. FMV: $225,000.

• Master Commissioner to Dawn and Danniel Shelby, 964 Timberwood Lane, Radcliff, $127,000.

• Rebecca Binggeli to Rebecca Lois Binggeli Irrevocable Trust, Section 3, Lot 102, Nicholas Ridge Subdivision, Elizabethtown, valuable consideration. FMV: $185,200.

• Brooke Granville to Taylor Granville, 1223 Eastern St., Elizabethtown, love and affection. FMV: $128,300.

• Master Commissioner to Sandi Properties LLC, 312 State St., Elizabethtown, $173,000.

• Tonya L. and Earl Stoltz to GB LLC, property off Ky. 391, Vine Grove, $40,000.

• Nancy M. and Robert J. Fatjo to Christopher Warren Hewitt, 369 Vineland Place Drive, Vine Grove, $275,000.

• Michael L. and Lisa A. Anthony to Melissa L. and Brian K. Taulbee, 10.041 acres at 306 Clearfield Drive, Elizabethtown, $140,000.

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