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Ross is the most frequently questioned character in Friends.

While Phoebe may be endearingly quirky, Joey is charmingly silly, and Monica absurdly obsessive-compulsive, Ross’ behaviour became markedly more erratic, amusing, and at times concerning across the show’s 10 seasons.

But how well do we remember Ross’s most bizarre and outrageous behaviours and moments? Ross’s flamboyant jealousy, his regressive gender roles views, and his general attention-seeking antics are some of the show’s most memorable asides.

You’ll need to be able to recall Ross’ most bizarre quips, and some of the answers may not be as obvious as you might think.

You should always double-check your answers before you move on. There are a few red herrings that may try to confuse you.

Do not be afraid, no matter what you do, because the answers are right at the end. Good luck!

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