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The Prequel app is a free and easy way to turn yourself into a cartoon. Here’s how to use its popular cartoon filter on all your pictures.

Photo-editing apps are a dime-a-dozen in 2022, but among all of them, Prequel (and its viral cartoon filter) stands out as one of the must-haves. Photo-sharing is one of the biggest aspects of social media today. Whether it be Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, all of these apps revolve around posting pictures for friends to see — such as pictures of yourself, pets, or that new Starbucks drink.

However, there’s more to the perfect post than just whipping out your phone, snapping a photo, and uploading it for the world to see. In order to take your pictures to the next level, you’ll want to use a photo editing app. There are countless options available, with some of the most popular being Facetune, VSCO, and Picsart. From adding filters to making the color temperature just right, these apps can take a picture from ‘good’ to ‘amazing.’


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Another photo editing app to check out is ‘Prequel.’ Prequel has been around since 2020, but it didn’t become popular until January 2022. On the App Store, Prequel describes itself as an ‘Aesthetic Editor’ with more than 800 filters/effects, numerous video templates, and supports things like GIFs and stickers. Above all of that, however, the big draw to Prequel is its cartoon filter. Using this filter, Prequel users can upload a photo, apply the filter, and turn themselves into a cartoon within seconds. It’s not the first app of its kind with a cartoon filter, but the aesthetic of Prequel’s editing gives its cartoon filter a really unique look.

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How To Use Prequel’s Cartoon Filter On Your Photos

Cartoon filters from the Prequel app

If you want to try using Prequel’s cartoon filter for yourself, here’s how it all works. Open the App Store on your iPhone (or Google Play Store on Android phones), search for ‘Prequel,’ and download the app labeled ‘PREQUEL: Aesthetic Editor.’ Once the app is downloaded, open it, check the two boxes to agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, and tap ‘Next.’ After a couple of onboarding screens, Prequel asks users to sign up for its $4.99/week subscription. Tapping the big ‘Continue’ button begins the purchase, but you can also just tap the ‘X’ icon at the top-left to continue without buying anything.

At this point, users should now be on the Prequel home screen — showing all the different filters that are available. Under the ‘New’ section, tap the ‘Cartoon’ filter, tap ‘Use Preset,’ and choose a picture on your phone to use. Prequel’s cartoon filter only works with photos of people, so make sure to choose one where someone’s face is clearly visible. Tap on a photo, wait for Prequel to apply the cartoon filter, and make sure not to close the app or lock your phone while it’s processing. Within a few seconds, the Prequel app shows that same picture with a hand-drawn cartoon aesthetic!

Once the photo is ready, Prequel has a ton of other editing tools users can apply — such as filters, text, color adjustments, and more. Feel free to play around with these, or tap the share icon at the top right (the one with an arrow and rectangle) to save it. This share page offers a few different options of what to do with the new cartoon picture. Users can save it to their device, share a link with a shortcut to the filter, or instantly upload the photo on apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Once you’re done, tap the checkmark at the top-right of the screen to go back to the Prequel home page. And that’s it! There’s no limit to how many times you can use the cartoon filter, so feel free to apply it to as many pictures as you’d like.

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